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Fitness Guru Raul Hiteshew Is on a Quest to Help Starving Children

By Cyndi Braun

Raul Hiteshew is on a philanthropic mission that will take him 7,000 miles from his north Fulton home to famine-stricken South Sudan.

A nutrition coach, bodybuilder, and developer of a high-quality, all-natural supplement line, Raul is committed to helping children who are living in unimaginable hardship, who are starving, vulnerable, and likely to die if they do not receive the nutrition they desperately need.

His quest to help children came to him one day while he was fasting in preparation for a bodybuilding competition. After he made one too many snippy comments, his wife Ashlyn asked why he was so grumpy. He blamed his behavior on the fact that he was starving. She said, “That’s your choice; you chose to starve yourself.” Her comment resonated within him. He started thinking about starving children who, unlike him, have no choice.

An Entrepreneur With a Heart
When Raul researched childhood hunger, he found the statistics shocking. More than 1 million children die every year due to starvation. More than 17 million children are afflicted with severe acute malnutrition, which means the body begins to consume its own tissues in search of nutrients needed to survive. Many philanthropic organizations help starving children, but people with severe malnutrition need two to four weeks for their bodies to adjust to eating solid foods.

Raul decided to formulate a supplement that would provide a nutritious meal replacement for starving children who are unable to digest solid foods. Through his company, HiveFit, he created the unique formula that aids in rebuilding children’s digestive systems, so they can quickly adapt to solid nutrition.

“Some of these kids have gone without food for months, so their digestive system is not working properly, and they are unable to digest the food. Often, solid food is completely rejected,” said Raul. “The drink I engineered provides quick nutrition, so that in a matter of one to six days, they are able to eat solid foods.”

Once Raul developed his new formula, he and his wife decided to donate 25 percent of proceeds from the HiveFit nutritional line to the HiveFit Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization that funds their humanitarian efforts. The foundation partners with other organizations to distribute the unique supplement to children who need it most.

Later this year, Raul plans to travel to South Sudan to personally deliver the meal replacement supplement to starving children in that country.

All-Natural Products for Everyone
HiveFit offers a complete line of nutritional supplements designed to benefit everyone, from fitness fanatics and weekend warriors, to moms and kids. The grass-fed, non-GMO HiveFit line includes whey protein powders that taste delicious while enhancing health, fitness, and well-being.

“We have the healthiest, most effective product line,” said Raul. “Our supplements are good for everybody. Most of our customers are 35-plus or athletes. Athletes love our products because of the quality, grade, and purity. Moms use them for themselves and their kids. When moms make smoothies for their kids, they want something healthy, and our products offer that.”

The entire HiveFit line meets (or exceeds) industry standards for being the cleanest, most natural, and highest quality available. In fact, the Southern Muscle Guide magazine recognized the brand as “the purest and best-tasting supplements on the market.”

The company offers complete transparency and full disclosure labels, so consumers can see exactly what is in all HiveFit products, which are available to purchase online (with free shipping), as well as select locations throughout Atlanta.

About HiveFit
Through HiveFit, Raul and Ashlyn Hiteshew offer nutrition coaching and supplements that contain the highest-quality ingredients and avoid unhealthy additives. The name “HiveFit” comes from the words “beehive” and “fitness.” Bees are strong by themselves, but they are more powerful as a team. Fit comes from fitness, which is the channel to make the world a better place.

The company is committed to teamwork and creating products that will have a positive impact on people throughout the world. To order from the HiveFit line or donate to the organization’s charitable work, visit

The HiveFit Line Includes
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•     BCAA Formula in Very Berry Burst and  Pina Colada
•     Pre-Training Formula in Green Apple Kick and Pomecai Blast
•     Probiotic Digestive Support
•     Concentrated Omega-3
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