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Northwest Corridor Express Lanes Give Motorists Their Time Back

When the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes opened in September 2018, it couldn’t have come soon enough for our region. Approximately 30 miles of reversible express lanes extend along I-75 and I-575 in Cobb and Cherokee counties. On day 347 of operation, the system reached seven million trips – almost equivalent to every metro Atlanta resident taking a single trip in the lanes.

Motorists taking advantage of the express lanes have enjoyed travel speeds 20% faster than the general-purpose lanes. Rush hour has also been reduced by over one hour in both morning and evening commutes, giving significant time back to all commuters.

As part of the Georgia Express Lanes network, the express lanes are designed to manage congestion by providing more reliable travel times. The Georgia Department of Transportation is planning five more express lane projects as part of the Major Mobility Investment Program.

Upcoming projects include the SR 400 express lanes, I-285 top end east express lanes, I-285 top end west express lanes, I-285 eastside express lanes, and I-285 westside express lanes. Once completed, the growing metro Atlanta region will see a more connected transportation network benefiting both motorists and transit riders.