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Hope Dealers Worldwide

The co-founders of Hopedealers Worldwide, Pete and Nadine Psareas, are no strangers to the heartache of addiction. Their son previously struggled with substance abuse that began when he was 15 years old, which eventually led to job loss, jail time, and alienation from his family. Over the years, he also lost several close friends due to heroin overdose. Today, their son has been clean and sober for several years, but hes always conscious of how vital his lifestyle is to his recovery.

What started as a familys desperate search for ways to support their son and the thousands of other young people struggling with addiction proved to be the springboard for a new and innovative approach to reducing the risk of relapse that goes beyond traditional medications and counseling.

The goal of Hopedealers Worldwide is to create life-changing experiences and a sense of belonging by reconnecting damaged relationships, planning eye-opening travel adventures, and providing volunteer opportunities to replace the high/euphoria that addicts seek through substance abuse. With the help of a network of caring adults willing to do whatever it takes to assist others on the road to a successful recovery, those in the program can enjoy the feelings of self-worth and empowerment that come with being part of something impactful, which allows them to function successfully once again.

It is the mission of Hopedealers Worldwide to foster confidence, joy, and a purpose in life; to offer assistance to support consistent recovery success for individuals facing addiction as well as their family and friends; and to facilitate repair, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation of relationships that have been negatively affected by this disease.

Hopedealers initially began by providing a therapeutic travel project to those committed to recovery (such as building ecofriendly bottle schools in underprivileged communities in Guatemala). Friends and family were also invited to attend. As funds become available, the organization plans to continue this project.

Currently, Hopedealers Worldwide provides the following:
-Donation-based support services including counseling for substance abuse, anger management, and domestic violence
-Drug and alcohol evaluations
-Regular certification training to the community, offering educational scholarships for recovering addicts to obtain their Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor certificate, providing a pathway for a fulfilling career
-Navigation assistance with marketplace health insurance applications
-Integrative Health and Amen Clinic Brain Health coaching to clients and the community

Clients are seen by appointment only. Training class dates are listed on their website under the Calendar tab.

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