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Book Review: Best Friends Forever!

By Farris Yawn

Bullying has always been an issue in our schools, but it seems to have gotten much worse in recent years. While there has been much debate about the causes and consequences, veterinarian Michael Good has come up with a solution that may solve several problems at once for some children and animals.

According to Dr. Good, “Through positive interaction with animals, we can help children as young as 4 years to develop a sense of empathy and appreciation for the people around them such as their siblings, relatives, teachers, and classmates. Then, from elementary through high school ages, schools can play a major part to stop bullying by offering students the opportunity to participate in Homeless Pet Clubs.”

Author Laura Payne illustrates this concept by sharing Bobby’s story. His teachers and parents got him involved with the Homeless Pet Club at his school, and it totally changed his life. Helping the animals, particularly a one-eyed dog named Lucky, gave Bobby a sense of purpose and allowed him to make friends while becoming more engaged at school. When he changed schools, Bobby was able to start a club at the new location to help even more animals while continuing to help himself.

Participation in these clubs will help the youth of America build character while saving the lives of homeless pets. Additionally, participation in Homeless Pet Club has resulted in the following:


• Increased enthusiasm for learning
• Stronger social skills
• Increased compassion
• Heightened sense of achievement
• Improved self-worth
• Decreased bullying behaviors
• Expanded awareness of networking for good
• Increased responsibility
• Increased creativity and cooperation

It is Dr. Good’s and the author’s hope that this book will help your children get involved with a Homeless Pet Club at their school or start a Homeless Pet Club if one doesn’t yet exist. It is definitely a win-win situation.