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24 August 2018

Reducing Single-Use Plastic Consumption to Keep Canton Beautiful

Plastic — it’s everywhere we go; it’s a product upon which we have come to heavily depend. It’s also littering everywhere we go now, too. Plastics are made from natural materials such as natural gas, oil, coal, minerals, and plants. Technically, rubber from the rubber tree is a plastic. The number of items that we encounter each day that are made of plastic are nearly infinite: car parts, toys, dishes, storage containers, office supplies, building materials, clothing, grocery/shopping bags, straws, cigarette filters, balloons, and the list goes on.

23 July 2018

1930s Ball Ground

Written by Karen Jordan

If you ever read the minutes of past council meetings, you would realize that not only are the citizens of Ball Ground blessed with a mayor and city council that have proven to be forward-thinking, spending many hours making a long-range plan for the betterment of the city, but that this was true in years past as well. Without the wisdom and forethought of these fine men and women, Ball Ground would not be what it is today.

21 June 2018

Canton's Mysterious Mulberry Tree

Written by Sandy McGrew

Mulberry trees are fast growing with aggressive roots that can lift sidewalks and clog drains, making them a less-than-desirable choice for an ornamental specimen. However, those that bear fruit are worth the effort to incorporate into your landscape; just be sure to install it in the proper place.

22 May 2018

The Roaring Twenties in Ball Ground!

Written by Karen Jordan

Looking back over the official minutes of the 1920s, the City of Ball Ground has come a long way. On January 5, 1920, at 6:30pm, the first meeting of the year was called to order by Mayor Pro Tem R.M. Thompson. The following council members were present: H.H. Hardin, Walter Darby, Jas H. Holcombe, and L. R. Thomason. The Treasurer’s Report given showed a beginning yearly balance of $1,268.45. An excerpt of the minutes read, “Upon the results of a legal election held the first Saturday in Dec 1919, the following officers were chosen: for mayor, Walter Hardin; for councilmen, L. R. Thomason, W.H Anderson, G. C. McClure, O. A. Williams, and Frank Edwards.” This meeting was closed in due form only to reconvene at 7:30pm with the newly elected mayor and council members leading the way. Council Member W. H. Anderson was elected as mayor pro tem. L. R. Thomason was elected as clerk, and O. A. Williams as treasurer.

23 April 2018

Preserving Our History to Ensure Our Future

Written by Sandy McGrew

Canton City Council voted in 2016 to initiate a Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) for the purpose of maintaining the historic integrity of the commercial buildings in the downtown area. This does not pertain to residential property. That commission consists of seven community members who have undergone eight classes, three hours each, facilitated by the Georgia Trust. The members are Joe Sellers, Jane Shelnutt, Harry Johnston, Addie Price, Jeff Brown, Stacy Yawn, and Bob Rugg. The description of their purpose is to determine if the restoration plans for a historical commercial building are in keeping with the overall aesthetic of downtown Canton. Other cities that you may have thought charming are Roswell, Madison, and Savannah. That beauty and charm are greatly due to the vigilance of the HPCs in those cities doing their job to keep historic buildings true to character and originality.

26 March 2018

Happy 135 Birthday, Ball Ground

Written by Karen Jordan

Ball Ground, Georgia — what a great place to live, work, and play! Some like to call this beautiful town the next best thing to the fictional town of Mayberry.

20 February 2018

Special Events in Holly Springs

Written by Erin Honea

There are fun things to do in Holly Springs all year long! Mark your calendars now! Additional details about the following events can be found at

20 February 2018

Cherokee Photography Club — Something for Everyone

Written by Sandy McGrew

The Cherokee Photography Club meets twice monthly — the second and fourth Mondays — at 7:00pm, at the Cherokee Arts Center.

The first meeting of the month is a friendly competition. The theme, such as “Reflection,” is open to interpretation by the photographer, and photos are critiqued by a judge who is a professional photographer. Each entry is given positive feedback and sometimes suggestions to improve the image. These judge’s tips can aid photographers with skills like effective cropping, framing a scene in the camera, and back lighting.

23 January 2018

Ball Ground — It’s the Place to Be!

Written by Karen Jordan

What an exciting year 2017 was for the City of Ball Ground. Twenty-four businesses opened. Some are home-based businesses while some chose to locate in the downtown and other areas of the city, which continues to make Ball Ground an “anytime” destination. You don’t need to wait until the weekend to visit Ball Ground; anytime is a good time! As Mayor Roberts and other City staff continue to “Roll Out the Red Carpet Instead of the Red Tape,” Ball Ground continues to attract businesses, industries, and new residents.

19 December 2017

Ringing in the New Year in Holly Springs

Written by Erin Honea

Elected officials and staff at the City of Holly Springs are taking the opportunity that the new year brings to look back at all the good things the past year has brought, and to look forward to what’s coming in 2018.

19 December 2017

Canton’s Developers Day Shows New Possibilities

Written by Sandy McGrew

Recently, the first Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) Developers Day was held in Canton. Thirty-five realtors, developers in the commercial and residential markets, and mixed-use development firms from across metro Atlanta attended the event. Several of the property owners themselves were there, too.

20 November 2017

March on Over to Ball Ground This Holiday Season

Written by Karen Jordan

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to get the family out of the house to enjoy a beautiful day in Ball Ground. Being out in the cool, crisp air feels so refreshing. There’s just something so relaxing about seeing a beautiful blue sky while being surrounded by colder temperatures. Since the days are shorter and holiday decorations have begun to show up in neighborhoods and retail establishments, it can only mean one thing: Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner.

23 October 2017

City Politics — Productive, Not Glamorous

Written by Sandy McGrew

The City of Canton is divided into three wards, and each ward has two council representatives. The terms for each elected official, including the mayor, are four years. Though you may live in one ward, you will vote for a representative for each of the three wards.

22 August 2017

A Novel Idea

Written by Sandy McGrew

For those who love to read, those who love to write and those who love to read and write.

A Novel Idea was born a year ago when I trekked to Lawrenceville with my pals Jay Minor and Marsha and Bill Cornelius to attend an event called, “Noir at the Bar.” The theme of the evening was noir, and there were six authors who read from their work. Door prizes, such as copies of the authors’ books, were given out between readings.

22 June 2017

Ball Ground Rolls Out the Red Carpet, Not the Red Tape

Written by Karen Jordan

If you haven’t ever been to Ball Ground, or if it’s been a while, then you are in for a real treat! Ball Ground is small-town living at its finest! Presently, Ball Ground boasts a population of approximately 1,750, and it continues to grow. People are wowed when they visit downtown Ball Ground! As a place that is full of rocks and marble, Ball Ground is emerging as a diamond in the rough. The city is experiencing tremendous economic growth. Historic buildings that had long been empty have been given new life. They are being transformed into restaurants, boutiques, art shops, an ice cream shop and many other types of businesses that people love to visit.
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