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22 June 2016

#CantonForward: Engaging the Present, Planning for Our Future

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

The citizens of Canton understood the importance of community participation when it came to coming up with the Downtown Master Plan. They willingly responded, and the Plan is now complete.

20 May 2016


Written by Matthew A. Thomas

You’ve probably seen them before. They’ve become more frequent visitors to the area. They travel in a fleet of vehicles; they occupy buildings and pause traffic.

25 March 2016

What's in a Brand?

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

 Oftentimes, whenever we think of a company or organization’s brand, we recall its logo. However, the two are not one in the same. The logo is a central element to a brand, but a logo is not a brand in its entirety.

19 November 2015

Ahem, Downtown Master Planning Needs You

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

Perhaps you have noticed the increased number of new businesses in downtown Canton lately. Retailers, restaurants and new offices have moved into the city’s center, bringing new visitors to downtown with them.

Suites do not sit vacant for as long as they used to. Parking spaces are occupied during the day. You see people strolling around Main and North Streets. Festivals and events introduce hundreds to the city of Canton, Georgia.

22 October 2015

What's the Latest?

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

Usually when I’m out and about town, I get asked “Hey Matthew, what’s the latest?”

“What’s going on at such-and-such?”

“What are we going to have once all of that construction is done?”

I don’t mind the questions. In fact, I enjoy the dialogue and discussions that are derived from these conversations. It helps better understand the concerns and preferences of our community, and helps me realize that people care about the development activity taking place around them.

24 September 2015

Things to Do! Places to Go!

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

What is there to do in Canton? I get asked this question numerous times in a day’s work.

It’s a valid question. What are the options for recreation after work, in the evening, on weekends or in general down time? Are there places to take the family for a night out or celebrate a special occasion?

24 August 2015

What Goes in Our Quality of Life Description?

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

What comes to mind when you consider the words “quality of life?”

It is often used when referring to a community’s desirability as a place to live, work, raise a family, and do business. We also consider access to basic human necessities and leisure options as part of the equation. However, when assessing quality of life, we should also consider shopping, dining, and entertainment choices as a component of a broader need for recreation and relaxation.

24 July 2015

Keeping Businesses Healthy, Thriving, and Local

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

Keeping existing businesses healthy, thriving, and local is critical for every community’s growth. Fortunately for us, we have that here.

25 June 2015

Downtown Master Plan and Market Analysis

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

The City of Canton has been selected by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to receive $104,000 for a Downtown Master Plan and Market Analysis. The purpose of the Master Plan and Market Analysis is to help identify and fund programs, initiatives, and further planning to create a more commercially, residentially and culturally robust downtown district.

20 May 2015

Tourism Happening Now

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

Across the nation, more and more communities are waking up tourism’s impact on their economies. It is not hard to see. Tourism brings many positives for any community open to welcoming it.

23 April 2015

Permits and Inspections: Protecting Your Investment

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

Springtime is an exciting time of year. The sun shines longer, festivals and events start lining our calendars, and typically many of our existing businesses begin making exterior modifications, renovations, and planned facelift projects. Spring also marks when many new businesses choose to open.

24 March 2015


Written by Matthew A. Thomas

I am often asked about what incentives or funding assistance programs are available from the city. It is, by the way, a good question to ask. Most business start-up and relocation decisions are expensive and any financial assistance available to cut costs helps.

23 February 2015

Enjoy Canton's Quality of Life

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

2015 begins with a few significant changes and unknowns. The Painted Pig closed its doors in January (but their management team is still going strong serving up great food at The Study). The Jones Building has yet to see a buyer, and our Main Street Director, Meghan Griffin, who has done an outstanding job leading the program since 2013, is leaving.

23 January 2015

Canton: The Walkable City

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

Canton is becoming a walkable city. Walkability means friendliness for pedestrian activity. To promote pedestrian activity there must be connectivity.

People desire walkable places and accessibility. While metro Atlanta is doing its part to catch up, research shows that more and more people and employers are choosing places where many of life’s necessities are in walking distance. What makes for a desirable, walkable place is accessibility to employment, housing, recreation, education, and other services within a, give or take, 20-minute walk. Walks are safe, useful, and productive.

23 December 2014

Canton's Entrepreneurial Economy

Written by Matthew A. Thomas

Canton is a place where entrepreneurship happens. From those occupying storefronts to online businesses, to home-based businesses, to part-time entrepreneurs, we are home to a wide variety of locally owned and operated businesses.

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