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21 February 2019

2019 Signature Community Projects

Written by Billy Peppers

Four major development projects will highlight the future of Canton this year: the Etowah River Trailways Network, Marietta Road Community Initiative, Archer Street Parking Deck, and the Canton Residential Strategy.
1.Etowah River Trailways Network

This project will continue the development of the Trailways through existing parkland while working within neighboring connection points including residential and commercial nodes, utility easements, sidewalks, government structures, and recreational amenities.

2019 Main Tasks
  • Development of additional trail footage along the Etowah River
  • Development of public programs highlighting use of the trail system
  • Creation of a master map of future connection points that would allow all Canton neighborhoods the opportunity to access parks and trails, including a rating of these connections based on ease of connectivity, resources to connect, and impact of connection

2. Marietta Road Community Initiative

Since development is shifting from downtown to the river, it’s important that the Canton entry point along exit 16 is attractive, clean, safe, and moving forward. This project will work together with Canton City Council and the neighborhood to make sure that the City is helping to drive economic investment to the Marietta Road area, such as opportunities for commercial and residential investment, activation of public park space, improvement for transportation and infrastructure, and community pride.

2019 Main Tasks
  • Development of a district boundary and creation of a baseline for economic measures
  • List of current City assets available within the boundary of the district
  • Community input on the needs of the area as well as short-term plans to meet those needs
  • Vision for community improvement and investment

3. Archer Street Parking Deck

A signature community project that must move quickly to have the greatest impact will be the Archer Street Parking Deck. Using the site adjacent to City Hall, this committee will work to provide everything necessary to bid out the design and build of the project, coordinate downtown parking during the process of construction, and work with the designer and builder to keep the project moving quickly and on budget.

2019 Main Tasks
  • Completion of an RFP/RFQ to find a suitable firm to design the parking deck, which may also include construction management
  • Planning for downtown parking during the lead-up to construction and throughout the construction process
  • Oversight of the financial implications of the project including maintaining timelines and budgets
  • Developing a strategy for good downtown parking management as the project is constructed and eventually opened

3. Canton Residential Strategy

A push for quality housing development in a variety of sizes, price points, and locations is important for future growth. This committee will look at the recently approved Comprehensive Plan to find areas and methods to push better residential standards that provide a myriad of housing options for all ages, socioeconomic levels, and locations.

2019 Main Tasks
  • Determine the current mix of residential properties in Canton to include type (single family, multifamily, transitional, fee simple, leased, age restricted, etc.)
  • Work with individuals within those categories to determine driving factors on rental versus fee simple
  • Work with GIS to develop heat maps for categorical housing uses
  • Provide data to Canton City Council for input on standards for sector growth moving forward

We continue to plan for our future to make it the best it can be.

About the Author

Billy Peppers

Billy Peppers

Billy Peppers is the city manager for the City of Canton, 110 Academy Street, Canton. 770-704-1500.