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24 October 2018

The Rearview Mirror

Written by Chief Mike Carswell

Have you ever noticed that the windshield of your car is very large compared to the rearview mirror? Car manufacturers expect you to spend most of your driving time focused on where you are going, not where you have been. However, a rearview mirror is included to give us an opportunity to see the roadway over which we have traveled. As I glance into the rearview mirror, I recognize important landmarks for myself and the professional police officers of the Holly Springs Police Department.
The first landmark in my rearview mirror is becoming the Chief of Police. Was I nervous and a little apprehensive? You bet I was. But the footing is sure, and I am reminded to be brave. With this assurance, I can face the challenges of tomorrow with confidence because others have stood with me and given me strength.  

As I look again, other landmarks are coming into view. I clearly see an intentional decision to assemble the right team. We have many good officers at Holly Springs Police Department, but growth continues, and more are required. You will see no rushing ahead just to fill new positions, but instead, a desire to find the committed over the curious and the talented over the tempted. The right team will support our progress and challenge us to be better at what we do.  

I can also see the constant road of change. New businesses and residents require new approaches to services provided. The State of Georgia has redirected professional employment standards for each sworn officer. Traffic flow patterns are in flux. New criminal threats loom, and internet scams/fraud continue to be a problem. But we cruise boldly down these professional roads knowing that our vehicle is sound. We have gained the right crew, cultivated an edge by seeking state-of-the-art communication and tactical technology, and sought out appropriate staff training and tools to assist in our continued success.

Some landmarks are the kind you don’t want to see again, while others are the type you would like to take with you. Our police department is lucky to serve with an administration and council that are committed to a safer community. It is refreshing to have the support of managers and team leaders who support the law enforcement mission, either by budget, daily management decisions, or simply an encouraging word. And the number of good citizens who are willing to step alongside of an officer, buy a cup of coffee, or just smile and wave is staggering. Sometimes, the greatest reward is the trusting encouragement of our neighbors. These are landmarks that make the journey worthwhile.

Knowing where we’ve been keeps us from fretting about what lies around the next curve. You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future. So, look at where you’ve been, plan for where you’re headed, and be confident that your destination is awaiting your safe arrival.

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