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24 October 2016

Traffic and Parks and Rec: We have a Plan for That

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

The Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax or TSPLOST will be on November’s ballot for your consideration. TSPLOST is designed to provide a funding mechanism to accelerate much needed congestion relief and other transportation-related projects.

23 September 2016

Sometimes a Little Does Go a Long Way

Written by Mayor Jim Still

One of the more obvious challenges facing people in the metro Atlanta area is traffic. Traffic congestion can be the most draining aspect of any trip around Fulton County, even on a Saturday afternoon. But something as small as three-quarters of a penny can make an incredible difference in our quality of life.

24 August 2016

Johns Creek’s Award Winning Schools

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

As we are well under way with the new school year, I want to take the opportunity to thank our school administrators, educators, staff and parents for all their hard work and dedication throughout each year to provide the best educational and extracurricular opportunities possible for our students.

22 July 2016

Billboard Update

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

As you drive around our city, I’m sure you’ve taken notice of new billboards beginning to pop up.  As a matter of history, this issue predates Johns Creek as an incorporated city. Originally, a number of billboard companies applied to Fulton County for 75 billboard sign permits, and each were denied. The companies then began the process of suing Fulton County for the right to erect billboards. Johns Creek joined the lawsuit after it was incorporated in 2006. The lawsuit was resolved by the Georgia Supreme Court in 2011, with the finding that the Fulton County sign ordinance was unconstitutional, and that the billboard companies were entitled to erect up to 75 billboards, including 31 billboards at 27 locations within Johns Creek.

22 June 2016

Big Things Happening in the “Small Town” of Milton

Written by Mayor Joe Lockwood

In Milton, we have a saying, “Embrace small-town life.” Regardless of where you call home, we hope that you will visit Milton, and see that we do things a little differently here. A quick drive through our picturesque city will confirm this; we have farms, beautiful homes, and neighbors who know one another. There is a great sense of community. As the city of Milton’s mayor, I am truly proud to call Milton home.

20 May 2016

Johns Creek

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

An Exceptional First Decade

2016 marks a special milestone in the history of Johns Creek, as nearly ten years ago, our referendum was approved by over 70 percent of the voters to become a city. Since that time, we’ve walked this path together. We shared a common goal to meet our fate and create what would be the ultimate in self-determination. We’ve evolved into a city where we made our own rules to follow, and set goals that set us apart.

25 March 2016

Johns Creek’s Strategic Economic Development Plan

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker


The City of Johns Creek is facing an increasingly competitive environment for recruiting new businesses and retaining existing ones. Each city is jockeying for an advantage, trying to attract similar businesses and industries. Up until now, Johns Creek lacked a strategic economic vision for the types of businesses to attract, clarity on our economic strengths and weaknesses and a focused plan to maintain the character of the City throughout this process.


22 October 2015

Balanced FY 2016 Budget: Public Safety, Traffic Congestion Relief and Park Improvements

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

After considerable discussion, community input and refinement, the Johns Creek City Council approved the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Operating Budget of $60.4 million with a unanimous vote.  The City Council also committed more than 75 percent of its estimated $54 million in reserves.

24 September 2015

Road Projects: Improving Your Commute

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Johns Creek sits at a crossroads between major highway and interstate arteries. We are surrounded by significant growth that increases pressure on our roads’ capacities. We recently allocated $3.18 million to fund an additional eight traffic improvement projects to the Fiscal Year 2015 list of 19 previously approved and ongoing projects.

24 July 2015

City of Mountain Park: A Little Piece of Heaven

Written by Mayor Jim Still

It’s hard to keep such a wonderful secret when you can’t help but want to show it off. Before the creation of Sandy Springs, Johns Creek or Milton, there was another small city named Mountain Park. It began as a summer retreat for Atlanta’s wealthy residents who wished to escape to an environment of lakeside leisure. When Mountain Park incorporated in July 1927, a total of three families lived in the town year round, with one business, and a store called the Stand. Today, it is a thriving community with less than 300 homes. Because of its natural beauty, the environment has always been an important concern of the residents.

25 June 2015

Johns Creek Concert Series Opportunities

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Listening to live music is one of life’s most delightful pleasures, and Johns Creek offers several opportunities for its residents to enjoy musical performances. From the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra to the Newtown Park Amphitheater concert series, if you love folk, rock, country or instrumental ensembles, we’ve probably got you covered.

23 April 2015

Extending Farmers Market Through October 31

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

The Johns Creek Farmers Market has been so successful citizens and nearby visitors asked for more of it. So we decided to start a little earlier and end a little later this year. As a result, the Farmers Market kicked off April 18 and runs every Saturday morning until Oct. 31. The Farmers Market is located at the Amphitheater at Newtown Park so people can take full advantage of good weather as we head into fall. We have live music, face-painting for the kids, and have included special events to make it a more enjoyable experience.

24 March 2015

Springtime in Johns Creek

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

With the arrival of springtime, the City of Johns Creek is offering a cornucopia of opportunities and events. Spring is a time of optimism and new beginnings. It’s a time for shaking off the lethargy of winter, getting outside, and trying new adventures.

01 March 2015

Community Garden

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Spring is just around the corner, and it will soon be time to plant vegetables and flowers for summer. Here in the City of Johns Creek, we offer a community garden next to Park Place, the adult activity center in Newtown Park. The Community Garden is popular among people who may not have space for a garden, or lack adequate sunshine in their yard. Gardeners have enjoyed planting tomatoes, squash, peppers and leafy vegetables, among other herbs and rare varieties. We certainly have some very talented gardeners in our city!

23 January 2015

The District

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

As February arrives, Johns Creek’s city staff is busy planning and implementing some of the biggest projects we’ve seen in our short 8-year history.  I’ve written previously about 2015 being “The Year of Public Works.”  This will be such an important year as various public works projects will be underway, improving our quality of life at every turn.

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