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23 December 2014

The Year of Public Works

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Happy New Year, everyone! The beginning of a new year is always filled with anticipation of what's to come, and 2015 will definitely be filled with positive things for Johns Creek. As we begin our ninth year of cityhood, I look with pride on how much we've accomplished and how much will happen this year.

20 November 2014

Community Launches New Unified Brand

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Like many of you, I always look forward to this time of the year. Along with traditional holiday celebrations, the City of Johns Creek gets to celebrate its founding.

24 October 2014

Making the Best of the Billboard Situation

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

By the time you read this, Johns Creek City Council will have likely voted on and approved a settlement agreement with billboard companies that have applied to construct, maintain and operate outdoor signs within our city. Please refer to the City website at for the latest details on the agreement.

25 September 2014

Short-Term Pain Means Long-Term Progress

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Fall is upon us, and I hope everyone had a good summer. Here at the City of Johns Creek, we had a productive summer and are looking forward to an exciting autumn, during which we will kick off 12 months of significant public works projects.

25 August 2014

Welcoming New Members

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

I hope that all of you had a fun and safe summer. As fall approaches, we are looking forward to an exciting new period in Johns Creek.

20 April 2017

Milton's New City Hall Represents Its Solid Sense of Community

Written by Mayor Joe Lockwood

It seems I have a reoccurring theme with my columns as of recently—milestones. In my December column, Milton was officially celebrating its 10-year anniversary and looking forward to all that 2017 had to offer our great city.

23 March 2017

Continued Progress

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

The first quarter of our transformational calendar year is in the books, and the City Council and City staff are eager to engage with you as planning and actions on our strategic goals are either underway, on the horizon or in need of additional input.

22 April 2016

John's Creek 10 Year Recreation and Parks Strategic Plan

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Over the last year, Council and City staff members have worked to fine-tune and complete our 10-year Strategic Recreation and Parks Plan.  At the end of March, the Johns Creek City Council adopted the plan.

18 February 2016

City of Mountain Park Community Garden

Written by Mayor Jim Still

One of the best promises of spring is the renewal of community activities that bring family, friends and neighbors together. This is especially true in the community of Mountain Park because of the Community Organic Garden. Planting and growing seemslike a natural activity where an appreciation of the outdoors is second nature.

20 January 2016

On the Right Track?

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Many of you may not be aware of a proposed tax increase to support a MARTA expansion further north on GA 400. Conventional wisdom might suggest such an expansion will significantly reduce traffic congestion and therefore, is a no-brainer.

21 December 2015

Reflecting on 2015, John's Creek

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

As I reflect on 2015, I’m filled with pride at our
accomplishments. I proclaimed 2015 as “The Year of Public Works,” and we kept to that ideal. We delivered a year of marked improvements, procedural advancements, community discussion and looking ahead. We made significant road improvements and undertook a variety of plans to propel us forward in a smart and thoughtful way.

19 November 2015

10-year Recreation and Parks Strategic Plan

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

I’m excited about the proposed, 10-year Recreation and Parks strategic plan, which was recently presented to the City Council for review and discussion, and I want to take this opportunity to provide a quick update.

The Johns Creek city staff and its hired consultant have identified and prioritized the next ten years of proposed investment in our recreation and parks amenities.

24 August 2015

Wanted, More Parks in Johns Creek

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

We are at a critical crossroads for our parks system and need your help. Parks in Johns Creek are not just a nice feature to have in our community; our parks and recreational programs are an essential part of the high quality of life, which makes our exceptional city a desirable place to live and raise a family.

20 May 2015

Keep It in the Creek

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

The pollen has washed away and now it is time to get outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer. In Johns Creek, our goal is to Be the Exception in all we do. So, we have lots to offer in June and it starts with movies and making memories.

25 July 2014

Make a Difference for Your Community

Written by Mayor Mike Bodker

Like many of you, I'm always amazed at how fast summer flies by. School will be starting in just a few weeks, and city staff will do their part to assure our students have a safe and happy return to the classroom. You can do your part by paying close attention to school zones and our youngsters as school begins. During the first few weeks of school, Johns Creek Police officers will spend extra time in our school zones — in the mornings and afternoons — to make sure drivers are complying with designated speeds.

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