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18 December 2018

Another Awesome Year in Alpharetta

Written by Mayor Jim Gilvin

Now that the new year is upon us, it is remarkable to look back and reflect on how much was accomplished in 2018 and how bright the horizon looks for 2019. And, while there were many great milestones achieved in 2018, the opening of downtown Alpharetta’s City Center project was certainly the most celebrated.
Over the last few decades, Alpharetta has grown from a small farming town into a world-class technology hub that draws people from all over the world because of its great schools, outstanding quality of life, and thriving business climate. But, until 2018, Alpharetta never had a downtown that would bring people together in a setting reflective of its small-town, southern charm; a gathering place created with exceptional architecture that is full of extraordinary restaurants and shops in an upscale, walkable environment that so many will enjoy in the 21st century.

Just a few years ago, Avalon opened and announced to the world that Alpharetta was changing the suburban paradigm. Alpharetta’s upscale suburban community attracts the type of first-class, mixed-use developments usually reserved for urban centers. With the addition of Alpharetta’s City Center, we have shown that not only can we attract great mixed-use developments, we also know how to build them on a smaller scale with character, charm, and exceptional architecture.

While City Center is surely 2018’s brightest achievement, it certainly isn’t the only one. Many employers like WellStar, DataScan, and Jackson Healthcare are investing in Alpharetta — bringing more great paying jobs — because they realize Alpharetta is a great place for their employees to live, work, and play. That is why we continue to be one of the fastest growing job markets in the state of Georgia.

Those are only a few of 2018’s highlights, and the momentum will continue well into 2019, as we begin to focus on a new vision for the North Point Mall corridor. Our team has been working with property owners along North Point Parkway to help them prepare for the world’s changing retail/office/commercial property environment.

One of our most exciting challenges in 2019 will be the evolution of the North Point area into an “eco-district,” a unique walkable community blending elements of Avalon and City Center around Alpharetta’s most impressive hidden gem — the Big Creek Greenway — highlighting the natural beauty of our suburban setting.

Yes, 2018 was an awesome year in Alpharetta, and 2019 looks to be just as bright. Let the exciting journey begin!

About the Author

Mayor Jim Gilvin

Mayor Jim Gilvin

Jim Gilvin is the mayor of Alpharetta. 678-297-6010.,