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Woodstock MS Student Wins Metro Water District Essay Contest

Bryce Jones, a seventh-grade student from Woodstock MS, recently won the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (Metro Water District) Essay Contest for Cherokee County and was selected as the grand prize winner, earning him a $500 prize.

Bryce’s winning essay was called “I Am Stormwater Pollution.” In it, he wrote, “I do not mean to cause harm, but when you throw down your trash, salt, oil, and fertilizers, I cannot help but to take it to where I flow. I cannot help what I do, but you can. You can help clean me up and cleanse me of pollution.”

Metro Water District announced the contest results during an awards ceremony for winners from the city of Atlanta and 12 counties. More than a thousand students participated in the contest in which middle school students were asked to write a 300- to 500-word essay on the topic, while considering the following questions: What is stormwater pollution? What impact does it have on the health of our rivers, lakes, and streams, and what can you do to prevent it?

Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority congratulates Bryce Jones for representing Cherokee County with an imaginative essay that exhibits a clear understanding of stormwater.

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