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19 November 2018

New Registration Guidelines for PTVs and Modified Golf Carts

Written by Rhonda Pezello

This past September, the City of Woodstock’s mayor and council passed an ordinance to allow personal transportation vehicles and modified golf carts to operate on public right-of-way with a posted speed of 25 mph within City limits. Certain restrictions apply.
The ordinance is effective March 1, 2019. Between January 1 and March 1, owners will need to register their vehicles with the Woodstock Community Development Department to be in compliance with the ordinance. Registered vehicles will receive a decal with a registration number assigned to the PTV that must be affixed to the rear fender directly behind the driver. Vehicles operating on private property only are exempt from this ordinance.

Operators must be licensed as per O.C.G.A. §40-5-20, abide by all traffic regulations applicable to automotive traffic, insure that lap belts are worn by all operators and passengers ages fifteen or younger (optional for operators and passengers sixteen and older), insure that all passengers remain seated and do not sit on another passenger’s lap.

Owners must provide for compliance, liability, and insurance documentation.

Equipment is required to have: a sufficient braking system (including a parking brake), a reverse warning device, a main power switch, headlamps, reflex reflectors, tail amps, a horn, a rearview mirror, safety warning labels, hip restraints and handholds (or a combination thereof), and lap belts if necessary.

PTVs and modified golf carts shall park only in marked parking spaces, not in landscaped areas or on sidewalks or walkways. A private property owner may designate specific parking areas for PTVs as long as the designated parking does not violate other code provisions.

Operation is limited to neighborhoods and streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or less.

Registration will be open on January 1, 2019 from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, at the Woodstock City Annex, Development Services Offices, first floor, 12453 Highway 92. Please have the make, model, color, serial number, photo of the PTV, and insurance documentation ready when registering.

Call 770-592-6036 x1600, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. You may also visit for a full copy of the ordinance and registration paperwork. The registration fee is $0, and decal fee is $2. Failure to register PTVs shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $1000. The registration deadline is March 1, 2019.

For a full list of regulations, visit

About the Author

Rhonda Pezello

Rhonda Pezello

Rhonda Pezzello is a certified municipal clerk for the City of Woodstock. 770-592-6000.