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Consistency in Advertising

on Thursday, 15 March 2018.

Consistency in Advertising

Consistency is one of the most important concepts in branding. Often, companies can overwhelm consumers if their marketing is coming from too many directions at once. Contrasting campaigns confuse consumers, making them unsure of where to look next. To deliver a cohesive and recognizable brand identity, every single piece seen by a company’s clients must be consistent with the brand’s personality. 

Keeping the color scheme and logo consistent across messages put out by a company goes a long way towards increasing brand recognition. Big companies such as Apple and Coca-Cola use a consistent logo and color scheme, making their campaigns instantly recognizable. This causes consumers to associate a specific color pattern or design style with the company.

The tone a company uses when speaking to their consumers also reflects on the brand. It’s okay to use a unique voice if that same voice is used throughout every marketing piece. Additionally, it is important for companies to use diction that everyone in their target audience should be able to understand. Using complicated terms can confuse consumers and muddle the message a company is trying to get out. It’s important that the audience clearly understands what is being said. As part of a company’s message, it’s important that if they have a tagline, it be present in every marketing piece to further emphasize the message of what they do.

How often a company sends out communication gives customers a clear idea of when to look out for these messages. For example, if a company is posting once a day on Facebook, sending out email blasts monthly, or advertising monthly in a local magazine, they should continue this pattern. When people know the time to look out for such messages, they are more likely to tune in and view them.



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