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  • Technology Keeps Cherokee County Courts Moving Through COVID-19 (click to Read More)

    By District Attorney Shannon Wallace

    No one could have predicted the effect COVID-19 would have on every aspect of our lives. From stay-at-home-orders and social distancing to face mask protocols and temperature checks, our world looks nothing like it did just a few short months ago.

    It should come as no surprise to hear that our courthouse has also operated differently.

    At the beginning of the pandemic, Cherokee County officials and local agencies took a

  • Community Partner: Team Maggie's Dream (click to Read More)

    Your life or your dreams? What a terrible decision to have to make. Choose to submit to the toxic treatment that will save your life, and you may lose your dream of having a child. It happens
    to many young people each year.

    For Team Maggie’s Dream namesake Maggie Davis, it was a blindside. She needed to focus on her brutal cancer treatment, but she was worried about never having children. Sure, there are other ways to have a family, but she felt that her childhood dream of

  • Book Review: The Jane Austen Society (click to Read More)

    By Jessica Oravec

    On the surface, the characters in author Natalie Jenner’s The Jane Austin Society have nothing in common. But as you dive deeper into the story, there is one thing that binds them together: a love for Jane Austen. They live in Chawton, a small town in Hampshire, which is where Jane Austen wrote her last three books. It’s where her brother was adopted into the Knight family and inherited the house. It’s where tourists come to see anything they can about

  • Artist Profile: Jay Marsh (click to Read More)

    Transcending Age and Language Through Color, Shape, and Movement

    By Ellen Samsell Salas

    Seeing himself as an “artist” not a painter, photographer, or an illustrator, Georgia native Jay Marsh experiments in many mediums, combining sketching, painting, photography, and computer graphics. Each work beckons the viewer to discover layer upon layer of color, light and shade, and line and plane.

    Marsh’s first calling is painting in acrylics, which he turns to on

  • Good Old-Fashioned, Homemade Ice Cream Recipes (click to Read More)

    Courtesy of Michelle Davis and Vicky Tuszynski


    Georgia Peach Ice Cream

    1 1/2 quarts peaches
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    1 quart heavy whipping cream
    1 can Eagle Brand sweetened
       condensed milk
    1 small can PET evaporated milk
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    Whole milk to fill line

    Blend the peaches in a blender.
    Combine the peaches with the remaining

  • Summertime Nostalgia (click to Read More)

    Fond Childhood Memories

    By Family Life Publications Staff

    In many ways, because of the pandemic, this summer has been a lot different. So, we found ourselves reflecting on some of our favorite childhood memories from summers past. We hope that sharing these moments will inspire you to think back on some of your own happy experiences.  


    Janet Ponichtera
    Director of Sales and Marketing...

  • Five Star Painting (click to Read More)

    Puts a Brand New Coat on a Weather-Beaten Profession

    By Gregory Flail

    Five years ago, Dan and Meredith McMillan had reached a crucial juncture in their lives. They were ready to make a change — a big change. Meredith had been a preschool teacher for several years, and Dan had been successful in his career as a business-to-business executive sales leader for a large communications corporation. Like many established professionals, Dan found himself faced with the

  • Outback Deck (click to Read More)

    Bringing Inspiration To Your Outdoor Space

    By Ellen Samsell Salas

    When potential customers call Outback Deck, they can be assured that they will get more than their granddaddy or daddy’s deck. They will be part of the Outback commitment to creating an outside experience where family and friends can come together.

    “Life Happens Outback,” said Co-Owner John Gwaltney. “Ten years ago, when we started this business, building decks was more cookie cutter, one

  • Book Review: Matilda (click to Read More)

    By John Rodgers

    The slogan for the Sequoyah Library System’s 2020 summer reading program is “Imagine Your Story”: a celebration of fantasy and fairy tales that empowers all ages to take charge of their own literacy quest. That genre normally inspires mental pictures of knights and dragons, but also relevant is this modern day fantasy that belongs on any library reading log: Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Some may skip the book in favor of its movie adaptation (tip: the library has

  • To My Fellow Law Enforcement Officers (click to Read More)

    Three Things You Should Know

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    In recent months, a dim shadow was once again cast upon the profession of law enforcement due to the actions of a few.

    There is very little about law enforcement that is pretty. People don’t call 911 to ask officers to come to their house for their family cookout. They do, however, call us when the drinking gets out of hand, and tempers fly, and they want us to come fix their problem. But that’s what

  • Community Partner: The George Center (click to Read More)

    The George Center provides music therapy scholarships and services to families, organizations, and programs. This 501(c)(3) organization relies on the support of individuals, organizations, businesses, and grants to carry out its mission and serve the community. Thanks to generous support, children, adolescents, teens, adults, and “grandfriends” have access to quality, licensed, and board-certified music therapy programs that they could not otherwise afford.

    The center is home to 10

  • It's Cookout Season (click to Read More)

    Cue the Barbecue!

    By Julie Senger

    “Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.” -Anthony Bourdain

    Summertime seems to be synonymous with preparing food outdoors for family and friends. In fact, in addition to being Independence Day, July 4 is also Barbecue Day. And while grilling, barbecuing, or slowly cooking your food in your favorite smoker makes it taste delicious, these methods also keep you from heating up

  • Artist Profile: Rick and Victoria Pearson (click to Read More)

    Creating Art to Honor Those Who Serve

    By Ellen Samsell Salas

    Combining a knack for working with wood, a willingness to experiment, and an appreciation for those who serve, north Georgia artists Rick and Victoria Pearson are honoring Old Glory, soldiers, veterans, and public servants through their custom-made wooden flags, crosses, and tribute plaques.

    An inspector for Cobb County, Rick spent his free time making furniture from wine barrels, which the couple would

  • Woodall Construction Company, Inc. (click to Read More)

    The Difference Is in the Details

    As a leader in the real estate industry for the past 35 years, Dean Woodall, president of Woodall Construction Company, Inc., is hands-on in every aspect of his projects. He uses his vast knowledge of engineering, architecture, and construction techniques to create some of the most sought-after homes and subdivisions in Cherokee County.

    In addition to receiving honors for real estate marketing and sales, Woodall has been recognized by The

  • Community Partner: The Younique Foundation (click to Read More)

    Research suggests that one in four girls is sexually abused before the age of 18 — that’s an estimated 41.5 million adult American women who are survivors.

    Think of the women you know and love — your mother, your sister, your college roommate, your best friend, your gym partner, and your co-worker who helps keep you sane when life is scary. One of every four of these women is statistically a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and may have been carrying feelings of shame, guilt, and

  • Protecting Vulnerable Adults in Cherokee (click to Read More)

    By District Attorney Shannon Wallace

    As children, we are taught to honor and respect our elders. Unfortunately, some people fail to heed this advice and, instead, target senior citizens. In recent years, we have seen a rise in opportunists who abuse and exploit seniors as well as other vulnerable adults. Elder abuse is a crime in Georgia, and something we take very seriously in Cherokee County.

    Elder abuse occurs when trusted family members, friends, or caregivers

  • Book Review: The Family Upstairs (click to Read More)

    By Jessica Oravec

    What would you do, if, as a child, your parents invited someone to stay at your house for a few days because you had so much room? And then, what if that person became a permanent resident, bringing along her boyfriend and another family as well? And then began to take over your home? This is the premise to Lisa Jewell’s The Family Upstairs.

    The story begins with 25-year-old Libby, who has just been informed that she has inherited the home of her

  • Artist Profile: Mavis Manganelly (click to Read More)

    Chasing the Beautiful

    By Ellen Samsell Salas

    Although friends and family say they knew she would be an artist someday, north Georgia painter Mavis Manganelly took a circuitous route before embracing her calling.

    Born in Cuba, she lived in Russia as a child and again as an adult, then immigrated to the United States, living first in Arizona and later in Georgia. She earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Havana and a master’s degree in

  • Family Life Short Story Contest (click to Read More)

    Congratulations to our Winners!


    By Katy Wheeler

    It’d been quite a while since I’d upgraded. A long overdue enhancement, I’m guessing at least five years in the making. Hardly anyone is immune to being enamored by the hypnotic spell that a brand-new cell phone seems to cast. I was no different.

    When I plucked the shiny new phone out of its box, I could hardly contain myself. All the latest

  • Mosquito-Free Makes Backyards Home Again (click to Read More)

    Local Businessmen Taking It to the 'Skeets

    By Gregory Flail

    Few places are as dear to the hearts of north Georgia residents as their backyards. Backyards are more than just a plot of land; they are an extension of the home — a place for children to play, pets to roam, and families to enjoy good weather with friends and neighbors.

    The only serious threats to this lush paradise are the harmful insects that favor Georgia’s long summers. The mosquitoes in