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Coming to Canton! New Entertainment Options and Workforce Housing

Canton's City Council recently approved Master Plan amendments and conditional use permits for Crystal Lagoon and Avanta, located just off Reinhart College Parkway.

The Crystal Lagoon project will consist of a 2-acre freshwater lagoon with a state-of-the-art filtration system designed to minimize maintenance. The project includes an entertainment area with a beach, amphitheater, wedding venue, retail shops, and restaurants. Some of the restaurants will offer rooftop dining. The amphitheater is designed for concerts and other events. The property will also include 150-200 owner-occupied condominiums (a first for Canton). The 1-3 bedroom units will range from 1,200-2,500-square feet and are expected to have a starting price of $300K.

The technology for the lagoon will greatly reduce the need for large amounts of chlorine and continuous cleaning by personnel. The water's clarity will be maintained through a remotely monitored system that utilizes ultrasonic waves and small amounts of chlorine to clean the water, 24/7. Chlorine is automatically added, as needed, to supplement the cleaning system.

The entire project, which fits within the recently adopted Canton City Roadmap, will be the third smallest of the 800+ Crystal Lagoons worldwide.

Conditions placed on the applicant by City of Canton officials include landscaping requirements, noise and lighting restrictions, building façade materials, and other requirements. City staff contacted leaders of over a dozen Crystal Lagoon communities across the country to gain an understanding of the company's long-term commitment. Most feedback was very positive.

The developers for Crystal Lagoon plan to provide 500+ parking spaces for the public, and the project is expected to generate 300 new jobs. Anticipated open date will be in the next 24-36 months.

Daily and annual Crystal Lagoon passes will be available. Canton residents will enjoy discounts off regular prices. All other components of the public access areas can be enjoyed at no charge.

The other recently approved project, Avanta, is a 270-unit detached home community consisting of single-story 1-4-bedroom rental homes. Residents will enjoy community greenspace and a robust amenity package.

Avanta will be located just north of the Crystal Lagoon project on the same parcel of land. Anticipated rental fees will fit within Canton's AMI (affordable median income) index, which will fill a gap that exists in workforce housing in Canton. This community will provide an affordable housing option for people who currently commute to Canton from adjacent cities where rents are more attractive.

Conditions placed on the Avanta developer include installing inter-parcel access to the recreational/retail portion of the Crystal Lagoon development, which will consist of pedestrian access (sidewalks) with a minimum of an 8-foot wide access connection. Several other conditions were placed on the developer to align with City standards. Avanta is expected to begin occupancy in 2023.
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