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  • Your Pie (click to Read More)

    Food & Family Come First North Fulton’s Fast-Casual Pizza

    By Marsha Cornelius

    The moment you walk into Your Pie, the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked pizza greets you. Step up to the counter, build your own personal 10-inch pizza from three choices of dough including white, wheat, and gluten free; five different house-made sauces from classic marinara to basil pesto; and seven cheeses including a vegan selection. Can’t decide on a custom build? Your Pie also

  • Homemade Dog Treat Recipes (click to Read More)

    By Julie Senger

    Are you concerned about the ingredients that make up your furry family member’s treats? Well, worry no more! Try one of the following recipes, all made with healthy items, most of which you likely already have in your kitchen. Choose from a variety of options to accommodate senior dogs, puppies, and middle-aged pets alike. There’s even a no-bake option if you need something in a hurry.

    No-Bake Honey-Oat Peanut Butter Treats

    1 cup quick

  • Tom Knight (click to Read More)

    Finding magic on the Other End of the Mic

    By John Midkiff

    Tom Knight has a colorful history in show business. As a drummer, Knight has performed in packed venues all over the world with bands such as TLC, Monica, and Stevie Nicks. His voice-over talents have been utilized by companies such as Disney, Walmart, Crown Royal, and many luxury car brands, and he can be heard on several movie trailers like Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135. Knight won an Emmy for his

  • Where the Crawdads Sing (click to Read More)

    By Julia Padgett

    Bestselling author Rick Bragg recently gave a speech in which he indicated how writing needs to be redolent and color the world it is depicting. Delia Owens’ novel, Where the Crawdads Sing, speaks to that redolence and how rewarding it can be to the reader.

    Owens’ novel weaves a murder mystery into the story of Kya — a girl abandoned by everyone who is left to survive at a very young age in the marshes of the North Carolina coast. The novel’s

  • Animal Casting (click to Read More)

    Could Your Furry, Feathered, or Scaly Friend Be a Star?

    By Julie Senger

    Many of us have admired the clever animals we’ve seen in our favorite shows and movies, and with the booming film and television industry we now have in Georgia, you may be wondering how your pet can get in on the “action.” Here’s some basic information for you to “chew on” when deciding if you’d like your pet to try and “fetch” a part in front of the

  • The Tears Foundation (click to Read More)

    By Stephanie Landry

    In 2009, still living in New Jersey, I experienced the most devastating event of my life: the loss of my full-term unborn daughter. I was 41 weeks pregnant — four days past my due date and three days before I was scheduled to be induced. There were no warning signs. I was healthy and having a “typical pregnancy” according to my OB team. Yet, on this April morning, everything changed. My OB told me he couldn’t find her heartbeat. She was gone. I still

  • Beyond Our Walls (click to Read More)

    First Baptist Roswell

    by Cyndi Braun

    Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he or she has received to serve others (1 Peter 4:9-10).

    When it comes to service, the people of First Baptist Roswell really shine. Whether it’s helping others in their church, community, or beyond, members are called to use their gifts for others.

    Mission teams work throughout the Roswell community, the United

  • Bee Kind to Pollinators (click to Read More)

    By Joshua Fuder

    If you remember back to elementary school science, you’ll remember that pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male parts of a flower to the female parts of the same or a different flower. Some plants, like grasses and pine trees, rely on wind, gravity, a sheer quantity of pollen, and a little luck for pollination and viable fertilization to occur. Pollination causes many people to be riddled with allergy problems this time of year and leaves a

  • Is Your Family Road-Trip Ready? (click to Read More)

    By Family Life Publications Staff

    With spring break coming up (and summer break hot on its heels), many families will be hitting the road to travel to fun vacation destinations. To help make sure your brood is road-trip ready, the Family Life fam would like to share some valuable packing, prepping, and travel tips we’ve learned along our way.

    Protect Your Finances
    Mandy Marger, Graphic Artist

    •    To prevent

  • the Joy House (click to Read More)

    Restoring Lives and Families

    The Joy House ministry was born in the hearts of Steve and Wendy Lowe and Rick and Mary Bell in the 1990s while they were working with teens through a local church in North Georgia. The Lord blessed them to share their lives with troubled and hurting teens, and through this experience, they came to realize that many of them needed more than what could be offered through their positions in the church.

    After discovering other successful

  • Jane Burke (click to Read More)

    Master of Marquetry

    By Hannah Olson

    A dragonfly rests pensively on a reed. A tree frog prepares to leap. Both are captured with stunning detail in Jane Burke’s unique portraits, but not the way you may anticipate. Most artists utilize paintbrushes and pencils to create lifelike portraits. Burke’s medium of choice is maple and koa. Her method is marquetry, the art of creating detailed pictures using wood veneers from many different tree species.   ...

  • All These Beautiful Strangers (click to Read More)

    By Marcia Divack

    Billionaires, secret societies, posh prep schools, and beautiful people make the debut novel All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth an engaging mystery. Written in alternating voices and different decades, this novel follows 17-year-old Charlotte (Charlie) Calloway’s desperate struggle to understand how and why her mother disappeared one warm summer night.  

    When Charlie is invited to join The A’s, a secret society on the campus

  • HiveFit (click to Read More)

    Fitness Guru Raul Hiteshew Is on a Quest to Help Starving Children

    By Cyndi Braun

    Raul Hiteshew is on a philanthropic mission that will take him 7,000 miles from his north Fulton home to famine-stricken South Sudan.

    A nutrition coach, bodybuilder, and developer of a high-quality, all-natural supplement line, Raul is committed to helping children who are living in unimaginable hardship, who are starving, vulnerable, and likely to die if they do not

  • Community Partner: Rock For Rescues (click to Read More)

    Music. Animals. Community.

    Rock for Rescues showcases Atlanta-based homegrown, original music to benefit local animal welfare charities. Events are offered throughout the year, with a season-ending festival held on April 27 in Milton.

    Discovering Local Music
    A program of the Vox Artium Foundation, Rock for Rescues curates an annual list of the best Georgia-based bands that write and perform their own original music. Many music venues in the metro

  • Body Language (click to Read More)

    Communicating Without Words

    By Shannon Barnes, L.P.C.

    The very idea that people communicate through body language can be extremely intriguing. Experts believe that approximately 80 percent of communication is interpreted by the listener from nonverbal cues.

    Why do people want to interpret body language? It is most likely because they are needing reassurance. We are looking for tangible proof that verbal information is either believable or not

  • Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Tips (click to Read More)

    By Tracey Satterfield

    Living in a clean and uncluttered environment has many advantages. Not only is it good for your physical well-being, but also your mental state. How often have we been overwhelmed with anxiety before finally making the time to do a little cleaning and organizing? We instantly feel less weight on our shoulders when we remove some of the clutter around us.

    Many people confuse decluttering and organizing with cleaning. However, decluttering

  • Caroline Reilly Wins Grand Prize at First Annual Amateur Talent Contest (click to Read More)

    First place in the 1st Annual Amateur Talent Contest organized by Dukes Bar and Grill in Milton went to Caroline Reilly, a sophomore at Forsyth Virtual Academy. Reilly received $500 in cash, a $500 Duke’s gift card, and a $200 gift card from Music Matters in Milton.  

    In accepting the award, Reilly said, “I made some life changing connections as a result of the competition and will be forever grateful for this experience.”

    Twenty-five artists ages 17 years old and...
  • ARC Recognizes Alpharetta for Commitment to Sustainability (click to Read More)

    The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) recently recertified Alpharetta as a Green Community at the Gold Level.

    ARC’s Green Communities certification program helps local governments implement measures to reduce environmental impact. The program recognizes commitment to environmental stewardship and leadership in sustainability practices. In metro Atlanta, 20 local governments were certified under this program.

    “These communities are making significant strides in reducing...
  • Renovation of the East Roswell Park Entrance (click to Read More)

    In order to provide a better experience for visitors, neighbors, and volunteers, the City of Roswell is updating the East Roswell Park entrance off Fouts Road.

    Renovations include:
    • Replacing the landmark sign and landscaping the front entrance, making it more visible and recognizable from the road
    • Increasing trail connectivity and minimizing vehicle/pedestrian crossings by completing the loop trail around the perimeter of the park
    • Creating an
  • TCAR Procedure Treats Carotid Disease in High-Risk Patients (click to Read More)

    Northside Hospital Heart and Vascular Institute has been named a Center of Excellence for a minimally invasive stenting procedure that effectively treats carotid artery disease. This technology is available at its Atlanta, Cherokee, and Forsyth locations.

    The procedure, called Trans Carotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR), treats blockages in the carotid (neck) artery to reduce the risk of stroke, particularly in patients older than 75 years, and in patients at high risk for...