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  • Book Review: Shadow of the Lions (click to Read More)

    By Annell Gerson

    At twelve, having graduated from the pages of Encyclopedia Brown and The Hardy Boys, Christopher Swann’s grandfather gave him a prized volume of The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes. As an eighth grader, he created a fictionalized diary for a history assignment. Not only did he receive accolades for his project, but writing had been fun. Hard to know which was more influential, but by the time Christopher Swann was a teenager, he knew he would grow up to

  • Artist Profile: Wanda Richardson (click to Read More)

    Quilter's Handdmade Blankets Honor Son's Memory and Give Back

    By Hannah Olson

    When her twenty-two-year-old son died, Wanda Richardson looked for a way to honor his memory and restore her mind. That is when she took up quilting with her mom and sister. Together, they took local quilting classes as a meaningful way to spend time together. Since then, Richardson has made hundreds of quilts for family, friends, and neighbors.

    “Quilting is not just having a blanket,”

  • Book Review: Burial for a King (click to Read More)

    By Annell Gerson

    In 2005, Ann Siebert began One City - One Read in her Roswell community.  The program, now called Roswell Reads and propelled by a volunteer steering committee, continues to expand and utilize literacy as a means of sparking conversation. Roswell Reads allows readers the opportunity to “collectively examine relevant issues, establish bonds, and forge a better understanding of their community and society.”

    As 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the death

  • Women Firefighters — Strength Under Fire (click to Read More)

    By Michele Ice

    Women have been represented in fire service for almost 200 years. However, firefighting remains a male dominated field. The United States currently has over 6,200 full-time female career firefighters, representing about 6% of the firefighting community. In the Cherokee County and in north Fulton departments, women make up about 3% of the firefighter population. There are over 22 female firefighters in the area. What draws these women together is their love

  • Crabapple Physical Therapy (click to Read More)

    A High Tech Practice with a Down-Home Feel

    When Nancy O’Brien, a retired RN, arrived at Crabapple Physical Therapy a couple of months ago, she was clutching the September 2017 issue of the North Fulton Family Life magazine that featured Crabapple PT’s grand opening. As Dr. Chastain walked her into the treatment area, Nancy stated, “I’ve had PT before, but it got me curious when I read that you were a ‘high-tech private practice with a hometown touch.’” Halfway through her

  • Community Partner: Ian's Friends Foundation (click to Read More)

    Ian’s Friends Foundation (IFF) was founded in 2006 by Phil and Cheryl Yagoda after their thirteen-year-old son, Ian, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of two. In the months following Ian’s diagnosis, the Yagodas visited doctors and hospitals across the country in search of answers for their son’s treatment. When they learned how little funding was being allocated to research projects conducted in the field of pediatric brain tumors, Ian’s Friends Foundation was started

  • The 2:10 Foundation (click to Read More)

    Supporting and Celebrating the Trades

    In 1979, Holly S. Hill was a teen living in northern New Hampshire with her parents and five siblings. Holly’s father, Fred, owned a local business with his brother, Bob, that provided heating fuels, furnace installations, plumbing, and other services. As a child, Holly admired her father’s ability to fix just about anything, and she often accompanied him when he was “out on a call.” Today, she reflects gratefully on how her father made sure

  • Destination "I Do!" (click to Read More)

    Things to Consider When Planning Your Destination Wedding

    By Julie Senger

    So, your honey recently popped the question, and you’re excited to begin planning your future together! You want your wedding to be as unique and meaningful as your relationship is, so you decide to have your special day in a romantically beautiful place that has sentimental value to the both of you — but that place happens to be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where you, your

  • Taking Steps Now to Pay for College (click to Read More)

    By Jessi Fearon

    The average college graduate’s student loan debt is $37,172. It will take the average person ten years to repay this debt — an entire decade! At this rate, many college graduates will barely have their student loans paid off before their own children start college.

    When money is tight, saving for college can be a challenge. However, completing college debt-free is possible. The following strategies will help families prepare their finances so that

  • One Call, llc of Metro Atlanta (click to Read More)

    By Rajayne Cordery

    “To err is human; to forgive divine.” — Alexander Pope.

    Mistakes are made. It is the absolute nature of the human condition on many levels. Whether you are locked out or locked up, 24/7 One Call of Metro Atlanta holds the key to open the door. Staffed by knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, 24/7 One Call of Metro Atlanta has the expertise and reliability needed when securing a bond issue. A full-service bail bond company serving Fulton

  • Artist Profile: Fantabulous (click to Read More)

    Silly Name, Serious Band

    With exceptional musicianship, powerhouse vocals, high-energy performances, and more than 100 years of combined professional music experience, the members of Fantabulous know how to get wedding, corporate event, festival, and club crowds on their feet and keep them there. Playing songs from the 60s to today — including pop, rock, country, R & B, rap, funk, and jazz music, their song catalogue has something for just about everyone. A sampling of the

  • Book Review: Orphan Island (click to Read More)

    By Annell Gerson

    Imagine living on an island with no adults where bees don’t sting; snakes don’t bite; wild kittens run free; food abounds; and children can jump off a high cliff only to have the wind repel them back to their starting point. Welcome to Orphan Island, a magical world created by Atlanta poet, essayist, and author Lauren Snyder. Released by Harper Collins in May, 2017, Orphan Island was promptly long-listed for the 2017 National Book Award for Young People’s

  • Community Partner: North Georgia Pregnancy & Family Resource Center (click to Read More)

    North Georgia Pregnancy...

    Relationships, sexuality, and the value of life are increasingly confusing topics. Teaching relationship integrity and Biblical truth is considered antiquated and bigoted. Is it any wonder that so many suffer from relationship related problems like high STD and teen pregnancy rates, high abortion rates, high divorce rates, and high child poverty rates?

    Into this confusion, the North Georgia Pregnancy Center carried a new vision

  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road to a Healthier You (click to Read More)

    By Laura Mikszan

    It’s a new year, and many individuals are searching for the “Emerald City” of health and wellness. People wake up after the tumultuous twister of the holidays, and they realize they are “not in Kansas anymore.” The pounds have packed on, and they need a path to follow — much like the "yellow brick road."

    Like Dorothy, many begin the path alone, staring across a strange land of fitness and nutrition, unsure of how long the road will stretch out before them.

  • Essential Oils 101 (click to Read More)

    By Arlene Stearns

    Essential oils are definitely a current buzz word, especially with younger generations. You’ll find them everywhere from Walmart to specialty shops. What are essential oils? What is their history? Why are essential oils so powerful? How are they used? What are the health benefits? Are they all the same?

    Let’s start with the basic definition. Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants. They are derived from plants by a

  • SuperSlow Zone (click to Read More)

    Fit for Life

    For busy people, health and fitness can become an afterthought because of the many demands of work and home. Busy schedules make it difficult to squeeze in even an hour-long workout several times a week. SuperSlow Zone, now beginning its fourth year in Milton, has changed how adults work out. In only twenty minutes of personal strength training, once or twice a week, the SuperSlow Zone workout helps people get fit — for life!

    The SuperSlow Zone team wishes to

  • Book Review: Pure Heart, A Spirited Tale of Grace, Grit, and Whiskey (click to Read More)

    By Annell Gerson

    Decatur author Bret Witter began his literary career working in a book store and ended up as editorial director for HCI Books before branching out on a new writing venture. In 2006, Witter set out to help others tell their stories and has since co-authored eight New York Times bestsellers.

    Reflecting on his books, Witter notes, “ books tend to focus on...the nobility of the ordinary: the joy that comes with working hard for personal goals,

  • Artist Profile: Debbie Tidwell (click to Read More)

    Art Driven Community

    By Tina Morris

    As a little girl, Debbie Tidwell took boat rides on Little River past Woodstock, but never imagined that her future would take shape there. Today, she resides and works in Woodstock, GA, making her living as an artist and art teacher.

    From a young age, Debbie enjoyed drawing and doodling. She went to UGA for graphic design. After working in the graphic design industry for several years, in 1996, a friend convinced her to take

  • Community Partner: All for a Purpose (click to Read More)

    All for a Purpose’s mission is to raise awareness of blood cancer, so they, along with the enlightened community, can ensure fundamental support is provided and sustained for families who are impacted by this disease. They strive to provide, “intentional, purposeful, community support.” All for a Purpose exists so that no individual or family must face blood cancer alone.

    When the unthinkable happens, the trauma of fighting cancer, the stress of caring for a sick family member,...
  • Artist Profile: Sue Burkhart Chisholm (click to Read More)

    Meet Sue Burkhart Chisholm

    Burk'art Clay

    By Samantha Canuel

    Sue Burkhart Chisholm has been creating unique nativities in north Georgia for over twenty years. After a life of traveling, Chisholm and her husband currently reside in north Georgia. This exceptional artist had much to say about her journey through clayworks, tradition, and storytelling.

    The Clay Became My Path
    When asked about when she knew she was meant to be