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In Truth, Freedom Rings

Last month, I was fortunate enough to take a brief break from the home zone. The little cabin where I stayed was down in a valley, and the only rush to be had was the soothing, rumbling water of a wide mountain creek. The only chatter was the rustling of leaves. There was no cellular service, so no fussing over devices, and no television, so no drama over the airwaves.

On Sunday, feathered friends welcomed me with bird songs on the cool early morning breezes. The first church I came to was off a little gravel road near the cabin. It looked like a child’s drawing, simple and to the point. Greeted by a couple dozen folks, I quickly felt comfortable in the genuinely welcoming environment. The service began, and after the first person stood and spoke, I knew there were going to be some strong opinions. There was plenty to be said about the confusion of being “politically correct” when it comes to taking a stance.

One country gentleman made it crystal clear when he said, “People can’t be wrong when telling the truth. There is no need to ever fear truth.”

Listen to others. Learn. Understand that they, too, have a story and realize that your individual past and your specific knowledge have nothing to do with their feelings or views. They have a right to that opinion, just as you have a right to yours. However, opinion and perspective are not always true. The whole truth is based on facts, not feelings.

Just because the truth may hurt someone’s feelings, perhaps even our own, does not mean we should dilute its value by withholding it. Upon proof, if you have believed otherwise, then you’ve the option (if not the duty) to reevaluate. There is zero benefit to any back talk with your personal character, your morals, your country, or your God in the light of truth. Our world will be a less confusing place when we stop fearing the truth. In truth, there is freedom — let it ring.

We need forgiveness, faith, and fellowship in our land. As a country of many voices, opinions, ideals, and concerns, it’s time to compassionately unite with the understanding that we all are different yet created equal. It’s never too late to be “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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