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Perfection just isn't for us.

Relax. You’re doing just fine. Pursuing perfection in almost anything is, for the most part, an exhaustive waste of time and effort. There’s little sense in beating ourselves up every day, trying to make a perfect score on all of life’s tests — both great and small. Ironically, our pursuit of perfection often becomes a stumbling block to progress. Of course, I’m not suggesting we settle for being content with mediocrity. There’s always room for improvement. However, perfection, in most any circumstance, is subjective.

Our differences make us perfect for our purpose on Earth. When we understand that each of us is “just perfect enough” in the here and now, our relationship with ourself and others will improve, both individually and collectively. There is no right without wrong, nor wrong without right.

Think about how every tiny snowflake is perfectly formed, yet each is as individual as a fingerprint; no two are alike. Like humans, each flake takes on the most effective and efficient form for its individual journey, often colliding with others or getting tossed about under pressures it encounters. Sometimes, it bonds together or gets broken apart. But every snowflake has a place and purpose that is perfect for its individual space — much like each of us is perfect in our own way, for our own purpose as well as that of a grander plan.

So, spill the beans. Be willing to share your weaknesses, hard moments, and rawness. One of our deepest fears is that by exposing our imperfect true selves, we will face rejection. We find it hard to open the door to our heart — even to our closest friends. When people share their vulnerabilities with you, do not judge them; warmly accept them. You may scare away the fake ones that have accumulated around you over the years. However, maybe you will motivate them by letting them see how content you are with being you, and they may let their illusion of perfection fade. That’s when the magic happens. That’s when strong, balanced, honest relationships are built. None of us is perfect. Life is simply a balancing act. So, really — be real. Perfect!

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