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  • Service League of Cherokee County Re-Branding (click to Read More)

    The Service League of Cherokee County has adopted a new brand identity that reflects its ever-growing mission of helping the children of Cherokee County. Founded in 1935, the Service League is the oldest volunteer service organization in Cherokee County. The new identity design, created through a partnership with Grant Design Collaborative in Canton, celebrates the Service League’s “rich heritage of caring for children” including the signature green that Service League members wear in their...
  • Woodstock Students Named to State School Superintendent’s 2018-19 Student Advisory Council (click to Read More)

    Woodstock HS junior Zakwan Khan and E.T. Booth MS eighth grader Ila Prabhuram are among the 120 students statewide selected to serve on the board of middle and high school students.  

    Members were selected from over 1,000 applicants submitted by students statewide, based on their community service and answers to essay questions about public education and how it can improve. The students will talk with Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods about topics including how State...
  • CCSD Partner Up School Partnership Development Event (click to Read More)

    The Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is asking local businesses and organizations to Partner Up with CCSD.

    Businesses and organizations are invited to learn more about partnering with CCSD schools by coming to this free event anytime between 4:00 and 6:00pm on Thursday, October 11, at the Dr. Frank R. Petruzielo Educational Services Facility auditorium (1205 Bluffs Parkway, Canton). Participants can visit tables of school leaders, who will be grouped by geographic area, to...
  • Artist Profile: Jonathan Peyton (click to Read More)

    The Unsung Folk Singer

    By Atiya King

    On a day in which the typical fickle Georgia weather can’t decide what it wants to do, Woodstock-based singer-songwriter Jonathan Peyton opts to spend his afternoon in a cool, music-filled coffee shop in the heart of his hometown. It’s just the type of place one would expect to find a musician. His seriously slept-on, 9-track project gives listeners a glimpse into his heart, soul, and past. “I’m learning to heal/When I lose

  • Book Review: Sold on a Monday (click to Read More)

    By Jessica Asbell

    How far would you go if you were desperate to eat? Would you go so far as to sell your children? In Sold on a Monday, Kristina McMorris writes about the heartbreaking tragedy of families in the 1930s who sold their children, so they could eat.

    Ellis Reed stumbles across two brothers playing in front of a sign that reads, “children for sale.” Stunned, Ellis takes a picture of them and develops it in the darkroom of the paper where he writes a

  • Center For the Visually Impaired (click to Read More)

    The Center for the Visually Impaired in Your Community

    Every person with vision loss should be able to live with independence and dignity. This mission guides the activities at the Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI), a nonprofit vision resource and rehabilitation center located in the heart of metro Atlanta. CVI offers programming and rehabilitation services to support people all over Georgia who are visually impaired or blind. It is Georgia’s largest, comprehensive, fully

  • Quirky Georgia Attractions (click to Read More)

    While many folks already know about things like Atlanta’s Olympic Torch Tower, Marietta’s Big Chicken, Alpharetta’s Cagle Castle, or Ball Ground’s Burger Bus, there are many other interesting/peculiar Georgia attractions you may not know existed, which may be worthy of a short detour on your next road trip.
    Here are a few you may want to check out:

    57th Fighter Group Restaurant
    3829 Clairmont Road

  • Riverfest (click to Read More)

    Here's What's New at Riverfest Arts and Crafts Festival

    Riverfest Arts and Crafts Festival, organized and hosted by the Service League of Cherokee County, is Cherokee County’s longest-running fall festival. More than thirty years ago, the Service League created Riverfest as a way to raise funds for the children in Cherokee County whose families were
    facing hardships.

    Riverfest hosts some of the Southeast’s finest artists, crafters, and entertainment, which draws

  • Dentistry For Woodstock at Fountain View (click to Read More)

    Offering Treatment for Chronic Jaw Pain

    By Cyndi Braun

    The symptoms seem unrelated. You have a headache, your face feels tired in the morning, your ear aches a bit, and your neck is tight. You decide to consult a medical specialist: an ENT for the ear pain, a chiropractor for the neck, a neurologist for the headaches, and you have no idea who to call about the facial fatigue.

    Turns out, these aches and pains are all symptoms of Temporal Mandibular

  • Bringing Back Immense Patriotism and Good Will This 9/11 (click to Read More)

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    Where were you on 9/11? I was in bed after having worked a night shift on patrol. My phone rang, and it was my mother, “Are you watching the news?”  

    I could tell in her voice something was not right. “Why, what’s going on?” I asked. She indicated two planes had struck the World Trade Center buildings. I told her I would call her back, and I went to the living room to turn on the television.

    I remember trying to process

  • Book Review: Ollie and the Wise Old Owl (click to Read More)

    by Farris Yawn

    As anyone who has spent time around children knows, you are subject to be bombarded with questions about anything and everything. It is easy to forget that just because we may understand the reason some things are done the way they are — they don’t. Childlike wonder and curiosity can be amusing or enlightening, but it can also be frustrating at times.

    This is where we find Oscar in Ollie and the Wise Old Owl by Dan Carlton. Oscar has quite a time

  • The 26th Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (click to Read More)

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    The flight attendant walked down the aisle collecting our morning breakfast, as we made our final descent into Israeli airspace. It had been ten years since I flew to the Middle East, and I couldn’t help but think of my first flight into Baghdad, which was a spiraling corkscrew descent from twenty thousand feet, and the mission was completely different.

    I never knew if I’d have the opportunity to return to this part of the world, but as

  • Artist Profile: Thomas Arvid (click to Read More)

    The Glass Is Always Half Full

    By Tina Morris

    Arguably the best at what he does, Thomas Arvid didn’t start in oil painting. Growing up in Michigan, Thomas always found an artistic way to complete his classwork, whether it was illustrating poetry for an English assignment or creating a mural for history class. He made airbrush T-shirts for friends and created stone sculptures for a landscape company. After graduating high school, Thomas went on to work in the printing and

  • Book Review: The Neighbors (click to Read More)

    By Jessica Asbell

    New neighbors! Those words can either bring happiness or despair, depending on who moves in. So, imagine Abby’s surprise when she goes next door to meet the new neighbors and finds herself face to face with the love of her life — when they are both married to someone else.

    After pushing Liam away following the death of her brother in an accident that was her fault, Abby slowly finds happiness again with Nate. They move away, build a life, and have a

  • Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Citizens’ Academy (click to Read More)

    An Eye Opening Experience

    By Julie Senger

    At Family Life magazines, we are constantly looking for ways to get involved in the community because it’s our community, too, and we feel this better equips us to provide interesting, impactful information that allows us to continue to connect with you — our friends and neighbors. With this in mind, when I read about the inaugural Cherokee Sheriff’s Citizens’ Academy, I seized the exciting educational opportunity to learn

  • Cherokee County High School Football Schedules 2018 (click to Read More)

    8/17 at North Forsyth
    8/24 Sequoyah
    8/31 at North Hall
    9/07 Kennesaw Mountain
    9/14 at Cartersville
    9/28 at Etowah
    10/05 at Roswell
    10/12 Woodstock
    10/26 Walton
    11/02 Lassiter

    8/17 Cambridge
    8/24 at Woodstock
    8/31 Allatoona
    9/07 Osborne
    9/14 at Dalton
    9/28 Sequoyah
    10/12 at River Ridge
    10/19 at South Cobb
    10/26 at Sprayberry
  • Making Disciples at The Factory Church the Other Six Days (click to Read More)

    By Cyndi Braun

    Established in 2014, The Factory Church is passionate about making disciples and being the church “the other six days.” While Sunday services offer authentic worship and biblical teaching, The Factory desires to make disciples and equip them to share their faith with a world desperate for truth and the saving power of Christ Jesus. Don’t be satisfied with just going to church. BE the church “the other six days.”

    Planting a New

  • Community Partner: Ahimsa House (click to Read More)

    Rescue. Rebuild. Reunite.

    Ahimsa House is dedicated to addressing the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. They offer services and assistance to victims of domestic violence with pets in Georgia, and work to raise awareness of this connection in communities throughout the state.

    In families affected by domestic violence, pets are also at risk. Abusers threaten, injure, and kill family pets to terrorize others in the home; yet most domestic violence shelters

  • Community Partner: Mary Hall Freedom House (click to Read More)

    hope - love - miracles

    Women come to Mary Hall Freedom House (MHFH) from all walks of life, often at their lowest point, in search of change. What they find at MHFH is love, hope, acceptance, and a vision for a restored future. The transformations that take place in the lives of these women are so dramatic and profound, it’s often deemed a miracle.

    Founded in 1996 by Lucy Hall, MHFH serves women and women with children who suffer from the generational cycles of

  • Burns Law Group (click to Read More)

    Local Law Firm Offers Quality, Individual Approach

    By Cyndi Braun

    Divorce, criminal charges, custody issues, whatever the legal concern, Cherokee County residents can call upon top-notch attorneys at The Burns Law Group.

    Located on East Main Street in Canton, The Burns Law Group is a full-service law firm. With three attorneys, five paralegals, and an office manager, they are an experienced staff available to handle complex cases and legal matters