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  • Hunger in North Georgia (click to Read More)

    Here's How You Can Help!

    by Rachel Sprouse

    As the new year starts, commercials shift from holiday messages to gym memberships, and focuses change from donations to New Year’s resolutions. While some worry about what foods to eat to live a healthier lifestyle, others are struggling to put food on their plates.

    Although the holidays are a great reminder to donate to local charities to support those in our community, the need for basic resources like food

  • Experiences Foundation (click to Read More)

    "Life is all about experiences"

    The Experiences Foundation was started to offer amazing experiences to individuals, and/or their families, who have suffered a tough break in life. “After dealing with our own personal experiences — from losing family and friends to cancer and suicide and children’s illnesses — we decided it was our mission to help those who have dealt with similar situations,” said Experience Foundation Founder Chad Blake. Whether it is bringing someone to a ball

  • Artist Profile: Rumours (click to Read More)

    Listen Up - The Rumours are True

    By Jules Taylor

    Mekenzie Jackson, Doug Easterly, Adrienne Cottrell, Alex Thrift, Nick Whitson, and Daniel Morrison have been bringing Fleetwood Mac’s sound to stages across the country since 2014. What began as Mekenzie’s love for Fleetwood Mac as a teenager has grown into a commitment to exercising her talent as the voice of Stevie Nicks with her bandmates and dedicated fans along for the ride.

    Alex and Mekenzie began

  • Book Review: Bending Heaven's Will (click to Read More)

    By Farris Yawn

    Are ghosts real? What about demons? What happens to us when we die?

    Author Terry L. Kemp continues to explore these questions in the follow-up to his first novel, Until It’s All Over, where Zach Dawson reluctantly answered heaven’s call to help the poor souls trapped in our world to find peace and to battle the forces of evil that would exploit them.

    In Bending Heaven’s Will, Zach answers heaven’s call once again, as he

  • Artist Profile: Emily Vickers (click to Read More)

    Artistically Diverse

    By Justin Jones

    Sometimes, art speaks in surprising ways. Early in her career, Roswell painter Emily Vickers reluctantly brought a painting of a tree to a festival where she was selling her work. She hated the painting so much that she wanted to tear it to pieces. It depicted a tree underscored by a quotation from Robert Frost. However, at the behest of her partner, she brought the painting anyway — and it was the first item she sold that

  • CCSD Adds App to Expand System for Reporting Safety Concerns (click to Read More)

    Reporting safety concerns to the Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is now easier than ever with the rollout of a new smartphone app.

    CCSD’s SafeSchools Alert system allows students, parents, school staff, and everyone in the community to report safety concerns to CCSD school police and administrators by text, email, online message, or phone call, with the option to do so anonymously. To further increase accessibility, the system now includes a new smartphone app, which can be...
  • Riverfest 2018 Raises Big Funds for Cherokee County Children (click to Read More)

    This year’s Riverfest event raised $126,962.82, all of which will go right back into the Cherokee County community to help underprivileged children. The funds will be used throughout the upcoming year to provide help with everything from health care and eyeglasses to rent and utilities for families.

    Founded in 1935, the Service League of Cherokee County is the oldest volunteer service organization in Cherokee County. With its deep roots and rich heritage of caring for children, the...
  • Wreaths Across America at Georgia National Cemetery (click to Read More)

    Wreaths will once again be placed to honor veterans at the Georgia National Cemetery on Saturday, December 15, as part of the non-profit Wreaths across America program.

    At 11:00am, a prayer will be offered by designated leaders in each section of the cemetery prior to placement of wreaths, along with a moment of contemplation and expression of gratefulness. At 12:00pm, a short program will be presented at the assembly area. This year’s speaker is American Legionnaire Jim...
  • Mountain Road ES Wins Cherokee Chamber Recycling Competition (click to Read More)

    The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce Going Green and Education Committees co-sponsored a two-day Plastic Bag Recycling Competition in partnership with Waste Management. Nine of Cherokee County’s elementary schools collected over 105,000 plastic bags. This year’s competition was altered to award the school with the highest average of plastic bags in the competition per student. This alteration was due to the large variance of enrollment across Cherokee County Elementary Schools, with some...
  • CCSD Celebrates Teacher of the Year at Legacy Makers Banquet (click to Read More)

    The Cherokee County School District honored extraordinary educators with a dinner, tributes, and gifts at the recent 2018 Legacy Makers: CCSD Teachers of the Year celebration. The surprise announcement of the CCSD Teacher of the Year was made at the event, and Mill Creek Middle School PE and health teacher Dana Townsend received the exciting news at the end of the program.

    “Dana is an inspiring teacher and coach,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said of Townsend,...
  • CCSD Focuses on Improving Suicide Prevention Training (click to Read More)

    This important issue has long been a part of professional development for staff, but Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is increasing its training and programs in response to the national rise in teen suicide rates as well as the tragic deaths of students, teachers, and parents in the community.

    CCSD and the GBI recently co-hosted a summit open to the public to help the state’s top law enforcement agency begin a statewide community dialogue. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian...
  • That's a Wrap (click to Read More)

    By Julie Senger

    During the holiday season, we often get so busy due to increased seasonal events, out-of-town visitors, added cooking and cleaning duties, and, of course, shopping for gifts. All these added responsibilities often mean that wrapping those carefully selected gifts becomes a last minute, throw-it-in-a-gift-bag-with-some-tissue-paper endeavor — and that’s OK. But perhaps you have a special gift or two that you really want to take the time and energy to wrap in

  • Crash Course (click to Read More)

    Tips to Avoid a Crash

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    Cherokee County is currently considered the fastest growing county in Georgia. With that growth, we will experience more traffic congestion and vehicle-related crashes. The use of the word “crashes” instead of “accidents” in that previous sentence was intentional because most vehicle wrecks are preventable.

    Here are a few tips that may help you avoid being in a vehicle crash:


  • Community Partner: United intentions Foundation (click to Read More)

    The United Intentions Foundation (UIF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It was founded in 2009 by Tim Ray, an entrepreneur and educational advocate, to assist others in learning how to transform worrisome thoughts into positive intentions. UIF provides unique tools, programs, and resources to help people attract what they truly desire by understanding that our thoughts create our reality.

    “My definition of living life intentionally is living in the present moment with your...
  • Happy Holidays and New Year From The Arbor at BridgeMill (click to Read More)

    The Arbor at BridgeMill Now Open

    By Cyndi Braun
    Opening by Katie Barber

    With the holidays upon us, it’s time for family traditions, get-togethers, good food, and warm smiles. 2019 will be a time for self reflection and open minds, while we prepare to write a new chapter in our lives. The Arbor at BridgeMill, a luxury senior living community just off Sixes Road in Canton, hopes that you’ll

  • Cherokee Veterans Community (click to Read More)

    Cherokee Veterans Community (CVC) was originally established in January of 2017, and it is the veteran’s ministry of First Baptist Church Woodstock (FBCW) on Highway 92. CVC was started by Marine Sergeant Tim King, a ten-year veteran with two tours in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, four years in Japan, and he rounded out his military career as a recruiter in Atlanta.

    After leaving the military, Tim started having difficulties with many issues that he needed to resolve,...
  • Art Jewelers (click to Read More)

    Wowing Customers for Five Generations and Counting

    By Cyndi Braun

    The choices are endless. You can buy jewelry everywhere from chain stores with flashy ads, to retailers that specialize in electronics and clothing, to small family-owned shops.

    If you want a unique piece of jewelry made by local artisans, Art Jewelers is the place to go. Conveniently located on Highway 92 in Woodstock, Art Jewelers specializes in custom-designed, hand-crafted pieces and

  • The Elder Family Provides a Respite for Children in Need (click to Read More)

    Respite foster parents become like an aunt and uncle figure to foster youth. As a respite foster parent, you can have an incredible impact on a foster child without the full-time commitment of having them live in your home. In addition to the impact on the child, respite care allows foster parents to take a breather and recharge.

    Greg and Virginia Elder have been respite foster parents with Goshen Valley for over two years. They wanted to share their story in hopes that it will...
  • The Balanced State of Your Sheriff’s Office (click to Read More)

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    As of October 1, the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office (CSO) has concluded its fiscal year, and I’m happy to report that we are under budget once again.

    The Sheriff’s Office participates in an annual budget process similar to county-managed departments. However, the sheriff is a constitutional officer and is not considered a department of county government. The sheriff submits an annual budget proposal to the Board

  • Artist Profile: Steven Lester (click to Read More)

    Get Inspired by Artist Steven Lester

    by Dawn Major

    Inspired. You hear that word a lot. You see “stay inspired” on coffee mugs, T-shirts, and bumper stickers, but what does it actually mean to be inspired? The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “inspired” as having an “extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.” Steven Lester — painter, husband, and father — is someone who has this quality. When asked what inspires him, Lester said, “I