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  • Cherokee County High School Football Schedules 2018 (click to Read More)

    8/17 at North Forsyth
    8/24 Sequoyah
    8/31 at North Hall
    9/07 Kennesaw Mountain
    9/14 at Cartersville
    9/28 at Etowah
    10/05 at Roswell
    10/12 Woodstock
    10/26 Walton
    11/02 Lassiter

    8/17 Cambridge
    8/24 at Woodstock
    8/31 Allatoona
    9/07 Osborne
    9/14 at Dalton
    9/28 Sequoyah
    10/12 at River Ridge
    10/19 at South Cobb
    10/26 at Sprayberry
  • Making Disciples at The Factory Church the Other Six Days (click to Read More)

    By Cyndi Braun

    Established in 2014, The Factory Church is passionate about making disciples and being the church “the other six days.” While Sunday services offer authentic worship and biblical teaching, The Factory desires to make disciples and equip them to share their faith with a world desperate for truth and the saving power of Christ Jesus. Don’t be satisfied with just going to church. BE the church “the other six days.”

    Planting a New

  • Community Partner: Ahimsa House (click to Read More)

    Rescue. Rebuild. Reunite.

    Ahimsa House is dedicated to addressing the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. They offer services and assistance to victims of domestic violence with pets in Georgia, and work to raise awareness of this connection in communities throughout the state.

    In families affected by domestic violence, pets are also at risk. Abusers threaten, injure, and kill family pets to terrorize others in the home; yet most domestic violence shelters

  • Community Partner: Mary Hall Freedom House (click to Read More)

    hope - love - miracles

    Women come to Mary Hall Freedom House (MHFH) from all walks of life, often at their lowest point, in search of change. What they find at MHFH is love, hope, acceptance, and a vision for a restored future. The transformations that take place in the lives of these women are so dramatic and profound, it’s often deemed a miracle.

    Founded in 1996 by Lucy Hall, MHFH serves women and women with children who suffer from the generational cycles of

  • Burns Law Group (click to Read More)

    Local Law Firm Offers Quality, Individual Approach

    By Cyndi Braun

    Divorce, criminal charges, custody issues, whatever the legal concern, Cherokee County residents can call upon top-notch attorneys at The Burns Law Group.

    Located on East Main Street in Canton, The Burns Law Group is a full-service law firm. With three attorneys, five paralegals, and an office manager, they are an experienced staff available to handle complex cases and legal matters

  • Artist Profile: Andrew Berardi (click to Read More)

    Actor and Director

    By John Midkiff

    Growing up in New York City, Andrew Berardi was always fascinated with museums. He loved to explore the collections and dreamed of one day going to work in one. When Andrew was eleven, his father, an airport customs official, accepted a new position at an airport in Georgia. Through high school, Andrew enjoyed school but was never interested in theatre. However, he did maintain his love for museums and the art and collections showcased

  • Academic Concerns? Social Challenges? (click to Read More)

    Here's How Parents Can Help their Child

    By Donna Anello

    The new school year begins next month. Class schedules, first tests, and projects are on the horizon; new friendships will be forged; separation anxiety tears will be a hurdle for some; and long carpool lines will mean leaving the house earlier to ensure you make it to work on time.

    Many will make a smooth transition from the carefree days of summer. Many children and families will transition from

  • Book Review: Absolute Justice (click to Read More)

    By Farris Yawn

    When Atlanta Private Investigator Nick Price is hired by Julia Garrett to find her missing husband, he soon finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy. It will take all his skills and experience to unravel the mystery before criminals put a permanent end to his investigation.

    “I saw no movement in the shadows. If someone were going to come after me, this would be the perfect time. Catch me going to my car in a dark alley, put a bullet in the back of

  • Below the Surface (click to Read More)

    By Lyle Harp

    Cherokee County residents are protected by an excellent fire service. The hard-working men and women of Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services respond to tens of thousands of fire, physical danger, and emergency medical situations every year. Within this department, there are several groups of people that respond to special situations and emergencies. Whether it is a hazardous material spill, a lost person, or a rescue from a tower, a cliff, or under

  • Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself (click to Read More)

    Join our Team!

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    I love my job! I mean it;
    I really love going to work every day.

    I hear other people talk about how they don’t enjoy their job because it is the same old thing, day after day. Not this guy — I love it. I love the people, the excitement, and the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself.

    Don’t get me wrong — this is a tough business. There are many days that are long and

  • Artist Profile: Sue Shefts (click to Read More)

    Designing Wearable Works of Art

    By Tina Morris

    As children, we all have a passion for something, but it isn’t often that our childhood interests become our adulthood careers. For Sue Shefts, that is exactly what happened.

    Sue Shefts grew up on Long Island, and was raised by parents who nurtured her creativity. Her mother took her to the ballet and encouraged art, culture, and an appreciation of high quality design. Her father was an artist who, along

  • Book Review: Everything Happens for a Reason (click to Read More)

    By Jessica Asbell

    Every once in a while, a book comes along that grabs you and doesn’t let go. Usually, it is a thriller or a mystery, but sometimes, it is the true story of someone’s life. It’s not often that you end a book feeling like everyone should read it, but Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved is one of those books. A friend gave it the highest praise she could by saying that she gives a copy of it to everyone she meets. While you will read

  • The Importance of Continuing a Healthy Relationship With Law Enforcement in Cherokee County (click to Read More)

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    America has enjoyed a rich tradition of law enforcement weaved into the fabric of its identity. Notable personalities come to mind when one thinks about the lawmen of our past: Wyatt Earp, Elliott Ness, Bufford Pusser, and even Andy Taylor. History extends a certain reverence for strong men with a desire to fight crime and corruption from the saloons of the old west to the big city of New York.

    Growing up, I was taught to respect law

  • Community Partner: PD Gladiators Fights Back Against Parkinson's Disease (click to Read More)

    Although the everyday idea of those afflicted with Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of stiffness, shuffling movements, and violent tremors, that image is being changed through the efforts of PD Gladiators, a local advocacy group helping people with Parkinson's (PWP) pursue a healthier life through vigorous exercise. It doesn't matter how old the person is or when they were diagnosed the PD, clinical evidence shows that a program including activities such as boxing, dancing or yoga can slow...
  • The Journey of a Lifetime (click to Read More)

    By Hillary Groover

    Growing up in the northern part of Cherokee County, I was fortunate to always be a short car ride away from the North Georgia Mountains. Every fall, my Pop and I would take a long scenic drive through Blairsville to see the leaves change and visit a few of our favorite spots. One place we always stopped was Mountain Crossing, a small outfitter next to Blood Mountain. On a clear day, you can see the city of Atlanta from a wide stone porch right next to the

  • Jyl Craven: Exclusively Outside the Perimeter (click to Read More)

    Upon entering Jyl Craven Hair Design, you will notice a clean, modern atmosphere; a vast line of professional products; and fashionable, refined stylists who are diligently going about making their guests look amazing. Since 1999, the salon has provided an experience that most would expect to only receive inside the perimeter. As a member of Intercoiffure North America Canada, guests who visit Jyl Craven Hair Design can be confident they will receive the best in quality and professional

  • Artist Profile: Mary Booth Cabot (click to Read More)

    Balancing Art and Life

    By Hannah Olson

    Mary Booth Cabot was standing in her apartment in Tennessee forty-six years ago when she received her life’s calling to be an artist. She remembers hearing a voice ask her, “What are you doing?” For Cabot, that was all the prompting she needed to quit her job as a secretary and move home to Atlanta where she established Wren Hill Gallery and her now nationally recognized private garden.

    Cabot has harbored an

  • Book Review: Bensy and Me (click to Read More)

    By Farris Yawn

    Growing up in the south, particularly the rural south, one often has a deep appreciation for the simple things in life such as time spent with friends and family, neighbors who look out for each other and help when needed, or dogs and cats underfoot when sitting down to dinner with loved ones.

    Songs like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” and John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” extoll the virtues of a small-town way of life. The popularity of these songs

  • Legal Experience. Common Sense. Respect for the Law. (click to Read More)

    Benson Chambers for Superior Judge

    With more than 35 years of legal experience, Canton native Benson Chambers is ready to serve as Superior Court Judge for Cherokee County.

    His experience as both a prosecutor and a private attorney gives him unique insight on the legal process. His many years representing clients from a variety of backgrounds in all areas of the law will help him tackle any cases that end up in his court, and his lifelong history of living and working

  • Finding Fortis (click to Read More)

    When Fostering Becomes a Forever Home

    By Carrie Patterson

    When Fortis came into our lives in February of 2016, she was broken — literally broken. She had been used as a breeding dog for several years. She was malnourished and afraid. It was surmised that she had been thrown from the window of a moving car and left for dead on the side of the road. The local road crew came by with a shovel to pick her up, and when they realized she was alive, they took her to the