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  • Community Partner: PD Gladiators Fights Back Against Parkinson's Disease (click to Read More)

    Although the everyday idea of those afflicted with Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of stiffness, shuffling movements, and violent tremors, that image is being changed through the efforts of PD Gladiators, a local advocacy group helping people with Parkinson's (PWP) pursue a healthier life through vigorous exercise. It doesn't matter how old the person is or when they were diagnosed the PD, clinical evidence shows that a program including activities such as boxing, dancing or yoga can slow...
  • The Journey of a Lifetime (click to Read More)

    By Hillary Groover

    Growing up in the northern part of Cherokee County, I was fortunate to always be a short car ride away from the North Georgia Mountains. Every fall, my Pop and I would take a long scenic drive through Blairsville to see the leaves change and visit a few of our favorite spots. One place we always stopped was Mountain Crossing, a small outfitter next to Blood Mountain. On a clear day, you can see the city of Atlanta from a wide stone porch right next to the

  • Jyl Craven: Exclusively Outside the Perimeter (click to Read More)

    Upon entering Jyl Craven Hair Design, you will notice a clean, modern atmosphere; a vast line of professional products; and fashionable, refined stylists who are diligently going about making their guests look amazing. Since 1999, the salon has provided an experience that most would expect to only receive inside the perimeter. As a member of Intercoiffure North America Canada, guests who visit Jyl Craven Hair Design can be confident they will receive the best in quality and professional

  • Artist Profile: Mary Booth Cabot (click to Read More)

    Balancing Art and Life

    By Hannah Olson

    Mary Booth Cabot was standing in her apartment in Tennessee forty-six years ago when she received her life’s calling to be an artist. She remembers hearing a voice ask her, “What are you doing?” For Cabot, that was all the prompting she needed to quit her job as a secretary and move home to Atlanta where she established Wren Hill Gallery and her now nationally recognized private garden.

    Cabot has harbored an

  • Book Review: Bensy and Me (click to Read More)

    By Farris Yawn

    Growing up in the south, particularly the rural south, one often has a deep appreciation for the simple things in life such as time spent with friends and family, neighbors who look out for each other and help when needed, or dogs and cats underfoot when sitting down to dinner with loved ones.

    Songs like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” and John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” extoll the virtues of a small-town way of life. The popularity of these songs

  • Legal Experience. Common Sense. Respect for the Law. (click to Read More)

    Benson Chambers for Superior Judge

    With more than 35 years of legal experience, Canton native Benson Chambers is ready to serve as Superior Court Judge for Cherokee County.

    His experience as both a prosecutor and a private attorney gives him unique insight on the legal process. His many years representing clients from a variety of backgrounds in all areas of the law will help him tackle any cases that end up in his court, and his lifelong history of living and working

  • Finding Fortis (click to Read More)

    When Fostering Becomes a Forever Home

    By Carrie Patterson

    When Fortis came into our lives in February of 2016, she was broken — literally broken. She had been used as a breeding dog for several years. She was malnourished and afraid. It was surmised that she had been thrown from the window of a moving car and left for dead on the side of the road. The local road crew came by with a shovel to pick her up, and when they realized she was alive, they took her to the

  • Harry Johnston (click to Read More)

    Standing Up for Cherokee's Quality of Life

    By Cyndi Braun

    Responsible. Reasonable. Ready.

    These three words describe Harry Johnston’s candidacy for Cherokee County Commission Chairman, a position he believes will make a big impact on Cherokee County’s future.

    “Cherokee County is the best place in the world to live,” said Johnston. “With careful management of our growth and development, and effective leadership to build quality infrastructure

  • Becoming Beach-Body Ready (click to Read More)

    Sugar Detox for Better Health

    By Jill Rowlands

    There are many popular diets going around, and proponents of each diet will convincingly promote the one they are passionate about as a “one-size-fits-all” solution for everyone. However, the truth is that each person must figure out what works best for them through trial and error. While there is disagreement amongst nutrition professionals about dietary choices, especially extremes, most would likely agree that

  • County Jail — What It Is and What It Isn’t (click to Read More)

    By Sheriff Frank Reynolds

    One of the duties and responsibilities of the sheriff is to be the keeper of the county jail. So, what is a jail, and why is it important to our community?

    The Georgia Constitution requires the sheriff to perform certain duties including civil process, issuing warrants, providing security at the county courthouse, maintaining and operating a jail, and providing general law enforcement services throughout the county. Although there are

  • Community Partner: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue (click to Read More)

    Angels Among Us Pet Rescue (AAUPR) began in February 2009 in Cumming, GA. Two friends and neighbors, LuAnn Farrell and Val Addington, realized there was a crisis in the southeast, and so many animals were finding themselves in high-kill animal control shelters with little chance of making it out. They decided it would be AAUPR’s mission to “Rescue One Until There are None.” After receiving 501c3 status, the growth of AAUPR began.

    While AAUPR was formed to help save the lives of...
  • Artist Profile: Brian White (click to Read More)

    Quadruple Threat

    By Tina Morris

    A Tennessee native, Brian White has been performing all his life, beginning in church choir and progressing to high school plays and musicals. Brian moved to Georgia after earning a role in a live musical show at Six Flags. While there, he auditioned for the Atlanta Jazz Theatre and was cast in their professional dance company. On scholarship with the company, Brian took thirteen dance classes a week to further develop his talents.

  • Book Review: Caroline: Little House, Revisited (click to Read More)

    By Jessica Asbell

    If you were a fan of the Little House on the Prairie series when you were growing up, you’ll be delighted to discover Sarah Miller’s Caroline: Little House, Revisited. And despite the author occasionally waffling between first and third person, Caroline feels like coming home. If you’ve read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s view of life on the prairie, you’ll appreciate the depth of Caroline’s view as an adult.

    Everything is there: the emotions of

  • Community Partner: She is Safe (click to Read More)

    Keeping Girls Safe and Free

    In a defining moment that quite literally changed the course of her future, Michele Rickett discovered her life’s purpose while working in East Africa as a young woman. “Global slavery” was still a distant phrase when she began witnessing unthinkable injustices against African women and girls.

    In 2002, with her studies behind her and her children grown, Michele founded She Is Safe, which is a nonprofit organization that is headquartered in

  • Active Shooter Training Principles: The Latest CRASE (click to Read More)

    By Frank Reynolds

    When I was about fifteen years old, my dad bought me my first rifle from Sparks Hardware in downtown Canton. My buddies and I would go camping every weekend during the summer, rifles in hand. When we ran out of ammo, we went back to Sparks and got what we needed. Back then, John Sparks’ philosophy was, “If you could see over the counter, you could buy your own .22 ammunition.”

    Times have certainly changed.

    My goal here is not to

  • Savory Herb Gardening (click to Read More)

    By Joshua Fuder

    Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow because they often tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and have few insect and disease issues. Because herbs are relatively carefree, they have an obvious fit in a food garden, but they also work just as well incorporated into your landscape or in containers.

    Herb Culture

    Herbs prefer a well-drained soil with a pH between 6 to 7.5. If planting in our native soil, plan to

  • GrassRoots — (click to Read More)

    "The Best Service Company Ever!"

    By Cyndi Braun

    Few people are as committed to lawncare as Josh Wise and his team at GrassRoots Tree & Turf Care.

    Fifteen years ago, Wise went into business for himself, establishing what would become one of Atlanta’s premier lawncare companies. Back then, Josh’s goal was to offer a different type of lawncare business, one based on quality service and treating customers like people, not numbers.


  • Building a Sustainable Home (click to Read More)

    Things to Consider

    By Mike Reynolds

    A high performance, energy-efficient home may include features like geothermal heating, wind power, and solar panels, but these are not the defining features of green living. They come in second, and some you can even do without. A green home starts with being well designed, well insulated, and if possible, it will have glazing oriented to the south for passive heat gain.

    Energy Efficiency, Insulation, and

  • Artist Profile: Wanda Richardson (click to Read More)

    Quilter's Handdmade Blankets Honor Son's Memory and Give Back

    By Hannah Olson

    When her twenty-two-year-old son died, Wanda Richardson looked for a way to honor his memory and restore her mind. That is when she took up quilting with her mom and sister. Together, they took local quilting classes as a meaningful way to spend time together. Since then, Richardson has made hundreds of quilts for family, friends, and neighbors.

    “Quilting is not just having a blanket,”

  • Book Review: Dawn's Early Light (click to Read More)

    By Farris Yawn

    There are certain events that are so momentous that they are forever burned in our memory. For those old enough to remember Pearl Harbor or the JFK assassination, they can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing the moment they heard the news.

    More recently, the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and United Flight 93 on 9/11 is an event most will “Never Forget.” For three local Cherokee County residents, that dark day hit