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  • Frank Reynolds: The American Sheriff (click to Read More)

    Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

    By Kathleen Boehmig

    Frank Reynolds is prepared to be your next Sheriff. In testimonials and endorsements for him, several descriptors appear over and over: integrity, respect, leadership, honesty, service.

    “I’ve been preparing myself for this job for decades, since the beginning of my career in law enforcement,” Frank declares. “I love living in Cherokee County,” he adds. “I love its people and its history.” His family has

  • Cherokee's Holiday Hospitality 2015 (click to Read More)

    A Guide to Giving Back

    Cherokee Sheriff Reserve Unit
    The Christmas Joy program uses donations by individuals, businesses and organizations to provide food, basic necessities and Christmas gifts to Cherokee County families in need. If your family needs assistance and your children are in the Cherokee County School System, please contact their school counsellors. For donations and other information, contact the Cherokee Sheriff Reserve Unit. 770-479-0451. ...

  • Book Review: The Betsy-Tacy Collection (click to Read More)

    Meet Betsy, Tacy, and Tib!

    By Catherine Groves


    Betsy, Tacy and Tib became friends when they were very young. Betsy and Tacy lived across the street from each other, and Tib lived in the chocolate covered house. They had many fun adventures together. If it sounds as if I’m describing children’s books, it’s because I am. Maud Hart Lovelace wrote the first four Betsy-Tacy books for the younger generation. Based on her own life and lives of her family and

  • Artist Profile: Dr. Donald Stafford (click to Read More)

    Cherokee Chorale's Co-Founder & Artistic Director

    By Paige Gardner

    Experts suggest that to figure out the kind of work you should do, remember what brought you joy as a child. Dr. Donald Stafford is a living example of that idea.

    Don began singing in the choir at church when he was in elementary school, and by 11th grade, he was directing the choir at his church. He earned his Bachelor of Church Music degree from Shorter College in 1971.

    After five

  • Now Open in Cherokee County: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Sports Medicine (click to Read More)

    Making a Difference in the Lives of Young Athletes

    By Kathleen Boehmig

    Children’s Healthcare is a familiar and respected name in Pediatric Medicine. For years, metro Atlanta has benefitted from their more than twenty-five locations, including thirteen Sports Medicine facilities, all nationally recognized.

    The fourteenth, metro Atlanta Sports Medicine location is now open in Cherokee County, as a service of Children’s at Scottish Rite hospital, bringing the

  • Woodstock's Light Up the Season 2015 (click to Read More)

    Holiday Hospitality

    Cherokee Thanksgiving
    Canton First United Methodist Church will host Cherokee Thanksgiving, providing and delivering free Thanksgiving dinners with all the trimmings to families in need throughout Cherokee County. Volunteers are needed, and monetary donations are accepted. For meals, call 770-877-2601. To volunteer: 770-656-9209, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need

  • North Georgia's Lovely Leaf Gazing Locales (click to Read More)

    By Julie Senger

    Autumn is that time of year when most Georgians welcome the reprieve from the summer heat and humidity with enthusiastic, open arms. Many of us look forward to the cooler temperatures, which seem to usher in excitement about football season and tailgate parties, all things “pumpkin spiced,” and cozy nights by a fire, as we dine on a hearty bowl of chili, soup, or stew. However, nothing defines the season more than nature’s breathtaking, colorful display of

  • Woodstock Pediatric Medicine (click to Read More)

    Excellence, Consistency and Compassion in Pediatric Care

    By Kathleen Boehmig

    At Woodstock Pediatric Medicine, people find excellence in pediatric medicine, but also compassion, caring and a lot of laughter and camaraderie. This isn’t just a group of doctors. It’s like a family.

    Woodstock Pediatric Medicine, providing pediatric care to the area for almost twenty years, is a comprehensive pediatric practice, providing well and sick child care to newborns and

  • Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See (click to Read More)

    Historical Fiction with Memorable Characters

    By Catherine Groves

    Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author, Anthony Doerr, introduces two of his most memorable characters to date, Marie-Laurie and Werner, in All the Light We Cannot See.

    Marie-Laurie and Werner are living their lives, completely unaware that one day their paths will collide, changing their destiny for all time. Innocent, young lives are caught up in a war of good versus evil.

  • Artist Profile: David Ranes (click to Read More)

    The Jukes

    By Natalie Del Valle

    “Music takes me anywhere I want to go at any time,” says Cherokee County musician, David Ranes. “It’s not a job to me.”

    He discovered his love for music when he was just seven years old, and by the time he was fourteen, he taught himself to play guitar. Now, 30 years later, David says he loves the freedom of expression and creativity that comes with writing and performing music.

    What he enjoys most is playing uplifting,

  • Book Review: The Fairacre Book Series (click to Read More)

    The Fairacre Book Series and its Authentic, Lovable Characters

    By Catherine Groves

    I’ve always considered books to be a bit like people; some I read and never think about again; some I read and never forget, and then there are a few I just can’t imagine living without. Every once in a blue moon, I find myself yearning for a visit to Fairacre. Doris Saint, under the pen name of Miss Read, wrote her first book of her Fairacre series, Village School, shortly after the

  • Artist Profile: Melinda Crider (click to Read More)

    The Mysteries in Everyday Experiences

    By Heike Hellmann-Brown

    From mixed media installations to paintings, photography and clay works, Lake Arrowhead resident, Melinda Crider, has been a staple in the Cherokee art scene for decades. Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Crider grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. During high school, she moved to the Atlanta area with her family.

    Crider has felt compelled to create art for a long time. She attended the Atlanta College of

  • Jyl Craven Hair Design (click to Read More)

    Tired of Fine or Thinning Hair? We Have the Solution!

    Upon entering Jyl Craven Hair Design, you will notice a clean, modern atmosphere, a vast line of professional products and fashionable, refined stylists who are diligently going about making their clients look amazing. Since 1999, the salon has provided a guest experience that most would expect to only receive inside the perimeter. As a member of Intercoiffure North America Canada, guests that visit Jyl Craven Hair Design can

  • Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (click to Read More)

    Being an Extra in Georgia’s Booming Entertainment Industry

    By Julie Senger

    Due to all the tax credits offered, as well as all of the wonderful, scenic locations we have to offer, there are currently over forty movies and television shows being filmed in the state of Georgia, which in recent years has been referred to as the “Hollywood of the south,”  better known as “Y’allywood.” With so many things being filmed here, many residents are wondering how they

  • Book Review: The Goldfinch (click to Read More)

    Pulizer Prize Winner and #1 Bestseller The Goldfinch Was Well Worth the Wait

    By Catherine Groves

    Thirteen-year-old Theo Decker loves his mother but doesn’t recognize the depth of his love until she’s gone. After her tragic death, Theo goes to live with the family of a wealthy friend. Although appreciative of the kindness this family has shown him, Theo cannot embrace his new life on Park Avenue, nor can he even begin to communicate with his new friends. His

  • Artist Profile: Madison Shea (click to Read More)


    By Heike Hellmann-Brown

    Despite her young age, 2014 Georgia Country’s Teen Artist of the Year, Madison Shea, has a long list of accomplishments. Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the now 18-year old grew up in Woodstock and discovered her passion for music early in life. “In first grade, I entered my school’s talent show with a song my mom used to sing when she was doing my hair in the mornings,” the singer remembers. “I instantly fell in love with

  • Canton Termite & Pest Control (click to Read More)

    By Meghan Griffin

    When Tim McWhirter Jr. of Canton Termite and Pest Control started his business, he pledged that hard work, dedicated service and respect for others would be his company’s watchwords. As a lifetime Cherokee County resident, his reputation with his local area means a great deal to him. Tim’s family is well known in the Canton area. As many may recall, Reeves Florist serviced the county for many years before the death of Tim’s grandfather, John

  • Artist Profile: Damon Carter (click to Read More)

    "Nature, My Great Mentor"

    By Heike Hellmann-Brown

    As long as he can remember Damon Carter has been interested in creating art — starting at the young age of 3 with drawing cowboys and comic book characters to the portrait of Ambassador Andrew Young that was commissioned by Georgia Public Broadcasting. “As a child I encountered artists at my grammar school and knew this was what I wanted to do,” Carter remembers. “Watching them paint ignited a burning desire in me to

  • Chattahoochee Technical College (click to Read More)

    Eight Campuses, Six Counties, One Vision

    By Kathleen Boehmig

    Dr. Ron Newcomb, President of Chattahoochee Technical College, is excited about the reopening of the Woodstock campus, their eighth location, this October. “A community-centered campus such as Woodstock is the on-ramp to the interstate of college,” he declares.

    Chattahoochee Techical College is the largest technical college in Georgia, and the only public post-secondary higher education

  • Book Review: Celia Garth (click to Read More)

    By Catherine Groves

    “Celia Garth” is a story about a girl that loved adventure, but nothing really exciting seemed to happen to her in the dressmaking shop where she lived and worked in Charleston, South Carolina during the year 1779. Well, things did start happening to Celia, but it wasn’t exactly what she had planned…

    The king’s army captured Charleston, and the Carolinas became a ruin of blood and fire. The author sweeps us quickly into the lives and characters