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City of Roswell Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report Now Available

City of Roswell water customers can find out about the quality of their water by reviewing the January to October 2020 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

Included in this report is information about where the City’s water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies. City of Roswell water customers can view the report online at or pick up a copy at the following locations:

• The Environmental/Public Works and Transportation offices at Roswell City Hall, 38 Hill Street, Suite 235
• The City of Roswell Water Treatment Plant, 100 Frank Lewis Drive

Please contact Jessie Cash, Roswell Water operations manager, at 770-641-3816 with any questions.

Also, join your friends and neighbors in making a commitment to save water. Take the “I'm for Water” pledge and use less water year-round by taking the following steps:

• Use WaterSense labeled fixtures to save water and energy.
• Understand the Roswell Water Utility water bill.
• Check for and repair leaks.
• Check for leaky showers and install pipe tape for a tight connection.
• Mulch around plants to prevent evaporation.
• When landscaping, choose plants that require minimal water.
• Ensure your sprinkler/irrigation system is working properly.
• Avoid watering the yard in the middle of the day.
• Wash only full loads of laundry or dishes.

Visit for more information.