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Senate School Safety Study Committee Holds First Meeting

The first meeting of the Senate School Safety Study Committee was recently held at North Springs High School in Sandy Springs. Sen. John Albers, chairman of the Committee, and other members heard presentations and testimony from the Georgia Department of Education, Fulton County Schools, students, teachers, parents, and local law enforcement representatives. The Committee also announced the launch of the website:

Hearing from each of these different groups is critically important to determine what is working and where there is opportunity for improvement, said Sen. Albers. The job of this Committee is to listen, compile the information, and make actionable recommendations. Holding meetings such as these and with the launch of the website for this Committee, we hope that everyone will take the opportunity to provide feedback and have their voices heard. The safety of our children, educators, and all citizens is a top priority, and I believe that today, we made a step in the right direction to open lines of communication between all of these different groups to address school safety statewide.

The Committee encourages all interested parties to visit the website to provide any feedback for the Committee members to review, compile, and consider before recommendations are made in preparation for the 2019 Legislative Session. This website will serve as a one-stop-shop for all meeting information including presentations, videos, and any other supporting materials.

Senate Resolution 935, sponsored by Sen. Albers, creates the Senate School Safety Study Committee. The Committee is responsible for submitting a report of findings and recommendations, including proposed legislation, by December 1, 2018.