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jackThe Publisher's perspective is an article common to all of the Family Life Publications magazines.  Each month, Jack posts introspective commentary on a topic of his choosing.

Jack Tuszynski is an award-winning photojournalist and the Publisher of the Family Life Publications group of magazines.

24 October 2018

Live a Thankful Life

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

With the cool fall breezes finally upon us, and the scent of leaves in the air, we can peacefully reflect on our year. Our ups and downs, the lessons and wisdom we’ve harvested from both challenges and successes are all reason to give thanks for the blessing of just being able to keep on keeping on each day. We’ve seen some unusual events and activity these past several months, and in turn, we have witnessed some amazing feats of recovery, rebuilding, and restoration within our communities, neighbors, and ourselves. I’m thankful for that.

20 September 2018

October 2018

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

“Healing is the journey. The destination is yourself.’’

There are times in each of our lives when we feel like we’re stranded in a month of Mondays. The day-to-day dilemmas, drama, and dredge grip us at our ankles, pull on our hearts, and seem to make our mind wander off in any number of directions. Without the blessing of understanding friends who can see through our pride, point out that it’s okay to hurt, and offer their support, we may often find ourselves playing possum, retreating into our shell, or just building up those walls.

27 August 2018

Decisions, Decisions?

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Every waking moment we have decisions to make. That is just one of the reasons I enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Each choice we make, or choose not to make, affects our individual timeline of events and often someone else’s. Hit snooze again on that alarm clock? Eggs scrambled or fried? When you get dressed in the morning, you’re often deciding about your behavior the rest of the day. For example, if you put on flip-flops, you probably won’t be doing much running and should be nice to others, especially those wearing sneakers. If you decide to wear a hat because it’s a “bad hair day,” you’re going to have hat head all day, so select a good hat.

23 July 2018

Built From the Community for the Community

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

It has been a very satisfying first five years publishing our community magazines for you to enjoy each month. Before we opened our doors in July 2013, the plan was to deliver a publication that put your family and our community first while promoting local businesses and providing a resource to help readers plan exciting evenings and weekends close to home. Andrew Carnegie once said, “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” That is what we did.

01 July 2018

Community, Content, and Character

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Looking back five years ago to the excitement and joy of establishing a community magazine, I am still a bit overwhelmed by how well our readers have embraced us on this adventure. We have learned so very much about how to make our magazines stand out, not only as the leader in our local markets, but we’ve also increasingly articulated the “how” and “why” we do what we do in the first place.

22 May 2018

The Destination Ahead

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Summer vacation time always brings back fond memories of travels and adventures with my grandparents, Jack and Lillian Briscoe, who I knew as PapaJack and Nanlil. Much like many of our grands, they were two of the people I admired most in my youth. Always happy, inseparable, and seldom angered, PapaJack and Nanlil knew how to live their lives to the fullest and embraced their days together for almost sixty years. My brother, cousins, and I traveled many miles by plane, train, and automobile and listened intently to the optimism and wisdom of two of the kindest souls one could ever meet. They were successful not only financially, through a strong work ethic and wise business practices, but also spiritually and mentally by living right, one day at a time.

23 April 2018

May 2018

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

After years of writing these perspectives, I must admit that I sometimes find myself struggling to find topics that motivate me enough to begin tapping the keys. Of course, working in an office where your coworkers are often anxiously waiting on you, so they can edit and design around your ponderings to meet an already extended deadline, adds to the stress and freedom of thoughts that the “squirrels at a party” inside my head have already scattered. On a few occasions, I’ve resorted to jumping on the web and typing in a random character trait out of curiosity to see what inspires me. I do hope you’ll forgive me.

26 March 2018

Looking Deeper Inside

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Growing up, I was fortunate to learn to swim shortly after learning to walk. Being a member of a family that enjoyed the outdoors and respected nature, water became my second home. My mother, Bonnie, taught swimming lessons for many years at our home on Toonigh Road. Watching her help others learn to enjoy water and build confidence was a big part of my early years.

20 February 2018

Get Lost

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

When I first got started working with magazines back in the mid-nineties, I was doing quite a bit of traveling around the southeast. Driving from town to town provided ample opportunities to meet people of many different walks of life. One day I might find myself in a chicken house antique shop on a backroad in Carrollton, Georgia, rummaging through a box of dusty, leather-bound, pre-Civil War books, and on another day I might be pulled over on a gravel patch next to Lake Eufaula to take a few casts at a largemouth bass and chat with a local before zipping off to sell an advertisement based on some random concept that I thought up while changing lures. Being on the road has always had a way of making me think. There was always someone somewhere with a story to tell that made me feel at home wherever I happened to be.

23 January 2018

February 2018

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

We have all been there.

At some point in our life, someone got their feelings bent over something you accidentally did. Let that sink in — it wasn’t in your design. Sometimes, we find opportunities to help others and accidentally make things worse. For instance, rushing to open a door for someone who has their arms full and unknowingly sliding a wrinkle in the doormat, causing them to stumble. Other examples may include pushing in a chair for someone as they sit down and having one of the chair legs break; tossing them their keys and seeing those keys fall straight into the sewer drain; or sliding them their beverage and watching it all go into slow motion when the cup bumps against their plate as a wave of sweet tea washes their dinner into their lap.

19 December 2017

January 2018

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Well, I hope everyone is finished with their to-do lists from 2017 because like it or not, the new year is upon us. With challenges and changes of her own, the upcoming year promises to keep us on our toes and ready for action. Best to not be too concerned or anxious about it, the only thing we can do is be prepared. So, get ready now; get pumped up — here it comes.

20 November 2017

December 2017

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much you might have in common with Santa — not regarding the jolly physique that may mean extra padding around your waist after Thanksgiving and Christmas, making you want to join a gym the next week — but regarding the fact that he is a symbol of giving without expectation? Of course, there is a correlation there that simply cannot go unnoticed. However, sometimes, we may discover a little more of that giving spirit within us. The holidays are some of those special times.

23 October 2017

Thankless Task Leads to Thankfulness

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

As I’m writing this, there is a cool breath of fall air sailing through a six-inch opening in my bedroom window. A pair of wet birds are exchanging chirps while sampling seeds from the feeders on the back deck. For the first time in many months, the raindrops are joining together, as they fall over the edge of the metal roof. All those little pieces of leaves and debris that were left after months of procrastinating to clean those gutters were now riding a tiny stream to the downspouts. Closing my eyes in a moment of dreary morning joy, I hear the water falling through the pipes, and I am reminded that what I hear now will soon join a babbling brook not too far into the wood.

21 September 2017

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. ~ Robert Burns

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

This saying, the modern adaptation of a line from Robert Burns poetic work, “To a Mouse,” has been a source of comfort to me over the past couple dozen years. To some, that all too prophetic verse may strike fear and rattle nerves, stating that no matter how much preparation, thought and genius is poured into a plan, something just might come along and smash the script. Now, to think about that, Burns was a Scotsman in the late eighteenth century, and even in that day without all the structure, networks and technology — plenty could go wrong.

22 August 2017

September 2017

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

When the opportunity to join a team in sports, at the office, volunteering, or maybe even your church occurs, it is vital to live up to the honor. When we are a member of a team that is relying on us, we need to do our individual best to take care of our responsibility, task or obligation.
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