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jackThe Publisher's perspective is an article common to all of the Family Life Publications magazines.  Each month, Jack posts introspective commentary on a topic of his choosing.

Jack Tuszynski is an award-winning photojournalist and the Publisher of the Family Life Publications group of magazines.

20 November 2017

December 2017

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much you might have in common with Santa — not regarding the jolly physique that may mean extra padding around your waist after Thanksgiving and Christmas, making you want to join a gym the next week — but regarding the fact that he is a symbol of giving without expectation? Of course, there is a correlation there that simply cannot go unnoticed. However, sometimes, we may discover a little more of that giving spirit within us. The holidays are some of those special times.

23 October 2017

Thankless Task Leads to Thankfulness

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

As I’m writing this, there is a cool breath of fall air sailing through a six-inch opening in my bedroom window. A pair of wet birds are exchanging chirps while sampling seeds from the feeders on the back deck. For the first time in many months, the raindrops are joining together, as they fall over the edge of the metal roof. All those little pieces of leaves and debris that were left after months of procrastinating to clean those gutters were now riding a tiny stream to the downspouts. Closing my eyes in a moment of dreary morning joy, I hear the water falling through the pipes, and I am reminded that what I hear now will soon join a babbling brook not too far into the wood.

21 September 2017

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. ~ Robert Burns

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

This saying, the modern adaptation of a line from Robert Burns poetic work, “To a Mouse,” has been a source of comfort to me over the past couple dozen years. To some, that all too prophetic verse may strike fear and rattle nerves, stating that no matter how much preparation, thought and genius is poured into a plan, something just might come along and smash the script. Now, to think about that, Burns was a Scotsman in the late eighteenth century, and even in that day without all the structure, networks and technology — plenty could go wrong.

22 August 2017

September 2017

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

When the opportunity to join a team in sports, at the office, volunteering, or maybe even your church occurs, it is vital to live up to the honor. When we are a member of a team that is relying on us, we need to do our individual best to take care of our responsibility, task or obligation.

24 July 2017


Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Sometimes, we reach a point in life that makes us ponder what really makes us happy. Then, we realize what a challenge it may be to achieve our perception of happiness, which may make us fear it. Other times, happiness can be very difficult to quantify, as we are often persuaded to pursue a type of happiness that is defined by society and others close to us.

22 June 2017

July 2017

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Looking back over the past few years, we have seen incredible growth, prosperity and success in our local communities. Songwriter Billy Joe Shaver once sang, “I’m just an ol’ lump of coal, but I’m a gonna be a diamond someday.” This is indicative of how each day, we have the opportunity to polish and refine ourselves to become the best we can be. Through sometimes unbelievable daily stresses, it is our inert tolerance that defeats the heat and pressure, making us shine.

22 May 2017

Choose the Positive Path

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Recently, I had a busier-than-normal week planned, and looking at all those color-coded entries on my calendar made me sit back and smile. It wasn’t too long ago that my calendar was a bit thin and only one color. That had to change, and change it soon did. Looking back, four years ago this month, I was putting together ideas and a business plan to start a series of new community publications — these Family Life magazines. After spending my entire adult life in some facet of the publishing business, I had learned quite a bit about what was required from a team to make it work. Maintaining a positive attitude, living within one’s means, and seizing opportunities when they arise are three of those lessons.

20 April 2017

Grace - It's Enough

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Every now and then, being the younger, forever smaller sibling, I would end up in the shadow of my big brother’s angry side. Vic was six-feet tall in seventh grade. To this day, he still outweighs me by two large bags of dog food. On a couple of occasions, I wound up in need of medical attention, but most of the time, I was just a little bruised. In retrospect, I ended up being the one who used size to my advantage; it just sometimes took Mom a little longer to save me than I hoped, and then Dad would handle the rest. Often, being the little guy, one must be resourceful.

23 March 2017

April 2017

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Find Your Pace in the Race.

A few years back, I began running local 5k races, not so much as a hobby, but more to check my personal fitness level. I’ve noticed that my friends are getting older, which means I’m aging as well and need to be aware of my personal energy levels and stay on top of my health. Many of us have found that “acting our age” may not comply with how we think or feel.

20 February 2017

The Lucky Season

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

March is upon us; the early blossoms are sprouting from their twiggy branches, and the fields are greening with lush grasses and young clover. Soon, my backyard will be hopping with rabbits, and a few young deer will eventually appear and provide quick sprints of joy for my dog, Riley, each time she steps out for a walk. One of my simple pleasures is relaxing in a cool pad of clover, reflecting on my day and enjoying the new evening sun after a day on Main Street. After a few years of running my fingers through many hundreds of clusters of clover in my yard, I have resigned myself that there are none of the four-leaf variety taking up residence there. Truth be known, I feel lucky even in their absence, which has me generally questioning this whole “luck” thing.

26 January 2017

February 2017

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Each morning as I am getting ready for the day ahead, I’ll check the forecast, review my “to-do” list (a mindful catalogue of items that will help me along my way) and set the day in motion with a tall glass of water, a light breakfast and a few moments of good ol’ fashioned reflection, soul searching and gearing up. I would imagine most of us do something similar as part of our morning routine.

22 December 2016

Momentum - Bring It On!

From our earliest recorded history — through the imagery of cave paintings, stone tablets and scrolls — we learn that the willpower of mankind — the ability to adapt, overcome and strive toward the next dawn of day — propels us forward. Our failures incite us to push harder, and our hopes fuel our drive toward success. When down, we reconsider and recalculate then position ourselves to look forward and move ahead. We rest only to rise, to gather strength.

22 November 2016

December 2016

As they learn to walk, toddlers are known to “toddle,” clumsily propelling themselves forward, often on the verge of taking a spill. No one is born with all the necessary abilities and skills needed to take one step at time when learning to walk. Many of us still struggle with this concept in other areas of our lives. As we grow, we learn that balance is key, not only for walking, but for many of life’s obstacles. Over time, we come to understand that there will be challenges placed before us, and in the long run, it is our responsibility to muster the drive to overcome them.

24 October 2016

Someone to be Thankful for

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

There are many people who I’m proud of that I have never even met. It’s good to feel that way, and it works. To find the best in people who you admire from afar is a wonderful quality in our society, especially as it stands today. All too often, we may become overwhelmed with the negativity that is so pervasive that we fail to realize that our focus has wavered from the greater good that exists in so much of our surroundings, in people, our community and our lives.

23 September 2016

October 2016

Written by Jack Tuszynski, Publisher

Recently, I have started waking up before my alarm goes off in the morning. Now, this used to happen from time-to-time; however, I now find myself staying up and getting started on the tasks of the day. Being blessed with more time early in the waking day allows me the opportunity to get through my “to-dos” as well as more time to enjoy doing less obligatory items that may exist or cross my path. It has been brought to my attention that I appear to stretch myself a little thin, so I’ve promised to work on that by better prioritizing my tasks.

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