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SenBruceThompsonBruce Thompson is a State Senator for District 14, which includes Canton. 404-656-0065.

20 November 2017


Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Cybersecurity is defined as the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data or the measures taken to achieve such action. Just a few years ago, this word was foreign to most people and would have been reserved for those who work primarily in the IT or military field.

23 October 2017

Technology — The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

In 1997, the social networking website was created, and it is said to be the first ever social media website. Over the next few years, AOL, Yahoo and MSN all released their version of Messenger, and in 2001, Microsoft began including Windows Messenger with the XP operating system.

28 September 2017

Technology Is it Good for Society?

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Technology has dramatically changed all aspects of our lives. It has automated everything from manufacturing to health care, and the pace continues to increase at record speeds. While the Baby Boomers and Gen X population struggle to engage this growing trend, the Millennials and Gen Y population expect and even demand this technology.