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SenBruceThompsonBruce Thompson is a State Senator for District 14, which includes Canton. 404-656-0065.

20 June 2019

Living in America

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

My friend made a statement from the pulpit recently that caused me to chuckle and feel a bit convicted at nearly the same time. He spoke about a family that was enduring a very difficult situation, and that no matter what the outcome, we were instructed to consider it pure joy when facing trials. He said that many of us say we have joy in our heart, but some of us forget to tell our face and our attitude. Ouch — guilty.

22 August 2019

People Watching

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

My grandmother used to say, you can learn a lot about a person in an hour of unaware observation. Recently, my family took a seven-day cruise with friends, and since I equate lying next to the pool in the hot sun to being a slab of bacon cooking in a hot pan, I opted to use most of my spare time people watching.

22 April 2019

Providing the Best Opportunities for All Students

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a mom from Atlanta asking me to introduce legislation that would allow her homeschooled daughter access to extracurricular programs at her local public school. I honestly did not understand the homeschool model well enough to immediately commit, but I agreed to help when I reviewed extensive research showing that this legislation exists in 35 other states. Frankly, with so many laws ensuring people have equal access, I was surprised the legislation did not already exist in Georgia.

21 February 2019

Rattling Through the Quarter

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

The first quarter of 2019 is nearly over, and it has been one for the history books. Back in January, I watched with amusement as the world witnessed what those of us close to Trevor Lawrence already knew — that is he is something special. I don’t mean because he was the quarterback who handed Alabama its worst loss in recent history in the National Championship game, or because he was a freshman who didn’t start until game five. He’s special because he has maturity far beyond his years, and a humility that is rarely seen in today’s athletes. Whether you are a Clemson fan or not, you must agree it is refreshing to see a wholesome young man share that his faith is his motivation to be better, not fame.

22 January 2019

The Access Program

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

A few years back, I had the privilege of chairing a study committee on cybersecurity. This study committee explored several aspects of cybersecurity including the readiness of our state agencies. In conclusion, our white paper recommended purchasing $100 million of cyber insurance, creating a GBI center in Augusta, and several other action items. The entire process made it abundantly clear how well positioned our state was in becoming the cyber hub for the U.S.

22 July 2019

The USDA - The People’s Department

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

I recently attended a meeting near the airport to learn more about all the programs that are offered through the USDA. I knew this agency dealt with livestock and agriculture, but I was amazed to discover that their annual budget exceeded $140 billion and consisted of 29 different agencies and over 100,000 employees. That is a lot of eggs and bacon! I had no idea that former Governor Sonny Perdue was at the helm of such a powerful cabinet.

23 May 2019

Time Will Tell

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Rotary International Clubs have a Four-Way Test that we recite each week. One of the questions is, “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

20 February 2018

Computer Hacking, Distracted Driving, & Secure Voting Machines

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

The Georgia Legislature reconvened on January 8 for the 2018 session, but many Georgians were distracted by the weather and the opportunity to watch the University of Georgia take on the University of Alabama for the National Championship. Although one of the most exciting games in recent history, the Bulldog nation endured a heartbreaking loss in overtime.

20 November 2017


Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Cybersecurity is defined as the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data or the measures taken to achieve such action. Just a few years ago, this word was foreign to most people and would have been reserved for those who work primarily in the IT or military field.

20 September 2018

Destined for Happiness

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

The election primaries are finally over, and one could argue they were the ugliest this state has ever seen. This particular cycle escalated into personal attacks, recorded conversations, and clip art.

22 May 2018

Do Millennials Care About Customer Service?

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

I recently debated with a colleague about whether great customer service truly matters to millennials or not. I used a recent business trip to California to support my argument that they do care. This trip was designed to educate myself on several components of the 2018 Coachella Music Festival. This massive Festival is situated on nearly 700 acres in Indio, California, and I was allowed access to review ticketing, internal operations, and security. Admittedly, my knowledge of the current music scene is very limited, so it was easy for my daughter to convince me to allow her and two of her friends to accompany me as mentors.

21 March 2019

Everything Onboard

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

I was 18 years old and headed to boot camp the first time I ever flew on an airplane. I still remember the exhilarating experience of the plane screaming down the runway and preparing for liftoff.

21 June 2018

Exercise Your Right to Vote in Local Elections

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

I was recently flying back from a conference in Las Vegas and found myself sandwiched between an elderly woman and a young attorney. The older lady noticed the legislative pin on my lapel, and looking rather surprised, she asked if I was a senator. I answered “yes,” and the next few hours were spent discussing everything from President Trump’s hair to Brian Kemp’s gun commercials. As the conversation progressed, the elderly lady became increasingly bold and began strongly voicing her opinion on a variety of political topics. It was clear from her tone that she was very unhappy about much of what she perceived was happening in government. The young attorney sparingly contributed to the conversation, but seemed to be embarrassed and frustrated as the dialogue continued.

19 December 2017


Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

As we begin a new year, I can’t help but think about how blessed we are to live in this wonderful country. We enjoy a robust economy with an unemployment rate of nearly 4.5 percent. The stock market continues to set new records, and fuel prices are hovering around $2.39 a gallon. The average family in America owns at least two cars, eats three meals a day, and has a household income of $67,000. I realize that there are exceptions, but many safety nets in our culture exist to help those who truly need assistance. We live in a country that affords virtually any citizen to pursue an opportunity, to serve in public office, regardless of religion, race, gender, or social status.

23 January 2018

Medical and Lifestyle Technological Advances

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

If you’re from my generation, you grew up watching shows like The Jetsons, Inspector Gadget, and even a love story featuring the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. Although these shows were fictitious, they provided a possible glimpse of the future. While we may not be able to hop into our personal spacecraft and zip off to the supermarket, autonomous trucks are already being utilized for transporting goods in Europe. You may have wondered if you would ever really talk to your watch like Gadget, or if someone could really have a damaged leg replaced with a robotic one.
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