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SenBruceThompsonBruce Thompson is a State Senator for District 14, which includes Canton. 404-656-0065.

19 September 2019

Are You Ready

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

If your home is anything like mine, most mornings are filled with the question, “Are you ready?” to which “one more minute” can be heard in reply. If you can avoid the crossfire, the entire scene can be rather predictable but amusing. Almost like clockwork, the front door will open at 6:45am, and I will hear the garage door go up. Next, the breezeway door will open, and my wife will repeat, “Come on son. We are going to be late.” This request eventually becomes a plea just before the authoritative, “Let’s go now!” arrives. It’s hard to convince my 14-year-old that if you desire to avoid this, simply get everything in order the night before. He isn’t disorganized, but he’s definitely stuck in first gear.

22 July 2020

Be Strong and Courageous

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Back in 2017, a dear friend of mine and I pooled our resources to attend Super Bowl LI, featuring the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. Once our early morning flight landed in Houston, we grabbed an Uber and rushed to the hotel. The day was chaotic and a little stressful, as we attempted to take in all the festivities of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

19 November 2019

Christmastime Is Magical

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

When I was a young boy, I could not wait for the Christmas season to arrive. Since we didn’t have much, my excitement was not based upon what gift I might receive but rather on the incredible array of lights and holiday displays. Some houses would put up a simply decorated Christmas tree while others went all out with animated outdoor lights and manger scenes. In my opinion, there can never be too many lights. The more the house looked like the Griswolds’ house in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, the happier I was.

19 May 2020

Grateful for Summer

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

It is hard to believe we are nearly halfway through the year, and 2020 has already been quite the year. During recent time with my family, I asked if everyone felt like things had returned to normal, and to my surprise, I quickly received a unified response that “there is nothing normal about 2020!” OK then!

20 April 2020

In These Changing Times, Who Is in Control?

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Many of us start our days by exercising at home or by heading off to the gym. Of course, the number of “us” is very high in early January and gradually diminishes after a few months, but the intention is still the same. People either want to get in shape or stay in shape, so they can live a healthy life.

23 June 2020

In Times Like These...

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

So far, this year has been a trying time for our nation. COVID-19 continues to illicit fear in many because of all the conflicting medical information. If you don’t like the opinion you just heard about whether masks help or not, just change your television to another channel for a different opinion. Can the coronavirus live two hours, two days, or two weeks on surfaces? Will there be another wave this fall, or have we been able to minimize its effects and contain it?

23 October 2019

Integrity — Don’t Leave Home Without It

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Have you ever glanced through the newspaper, only to find your eyes fixated on a picture in front of you? Your heart sinks. You can’t believe what you see. Your friend of many years has his mugshot right there in the newspaper. Two questions storm through your mind: “What in the world? How did this happen?”

23 December 2019

Life Lessons

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Each Sunday afternoon, my family meets in our living room to discuss what we learned from the sermon we heard earlier in the day. One Sunday, our pastor preached on the Ten Commandments and stealing. That afternoon, my family’s discussion got quite interesting. My 14-year-old said that stealing could include working too much and not allowing enough time for the family. He went on to say that stolen objects can be replaced, but time cannot.

20 June 2019

Living in America

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

My friend made a statement from the pulpit recently that caused me to chuckle and feel a bit convicted at nearly the same time. He spoke about a family that was enduring a very difficult situation, and that no matter what the outcome, we were instructed to consider it pure joy when facing trials. He said that many of us say we have joy in our heart, but some of us forget to tell our face and our attitude. Ouch — guilty.

22 August 2019

People Watching

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

My grandmother used to say, you can learn a lot about a person in an hour of unaware observation. Recently, my family took a seven-day cruise with friends, and since I equate lying next to the pool in the hot sun to being a slab of bacon cooking in a hot pan, I opted to use most of my spare time people watching.

22 April 2019

Providing the Best Opportunities for All Students

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a mom from Atlanta asking me to introduce legislation that would allow her homeschooled daughter access to extracurricular programs at her local public school. I honestly did not understand the homeschool model well enough to immediately commit, but I agreed to help when I reviewed extensive research showing that this legislation exists in 35 other states. Frankly, with so many laws ensuring people have equal access, I was surprised the legislation did not already exist in Georgia.

21 February 2019

Rattling Through the Quarter

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

The first quarter of 2019 is nearly over, and it has been one for the history books. Back in January, I watched with amusement as the world witnessed what those of us close to Trevor Lawrence already knew — that is he is something special. I don’t mean because he was the quarterback who handed Alabama its worst loss in recent history in the National Championship game, or because he was a freshman who didn’t start until game five. He’s special because he has maturity far beyond his years, and a humility that is rarely seen in today’s athletes. Whether you are a Clemson fan or not, you must agree it is refreshing to see a wholesome young man share that his faith is his motivation to be better, not fame.

19 February 2020

Sharing the Road in Life

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

The metro Atlanta area is notorious for heavy traffic. Cherokee County added over 8,000 new residents in 2019, and that trend is not expected to end in the near future, so traffic stresses are not likely to decrease any time soon.

22 January 2019

The Access Program

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

A few years back, I had the privilege of chairing a study committee on cybersecurity. This study committee explored several aspects of cybersecurity including the readiness of our state agencies. In conclusion, our white paper recommended purchasing $100 million of cyber insurance, creating a GBI center in Augusta, and several other action items. The entire process made it abundantly clear how well positioned our state was in becoming the cyber hub for the U.S.

22 July 2019

The USDA - The People’s Department

Written by Senator Bruce Thompson

I recently attended a meeting near the airport to learn more about all the programs that are offered through the USDA. I knew this agency dealt with livestock and agriculture, but I was amazed to discover that their annual budget exceeded $140 billion and consisted of 29 different agencies and over 100,000 employees. That is a lot of eggs and bacon! I had no idea that former Governor Sonny Perdue was at the helm of such a powerful cabinet.
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