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All Pro Window Tinting

Reducing Interior Sun Damage

By Cyndi Braun

Whether you’re on a boat, headed to the beach or relaxing poolside, if you’re outside, you have probably protected your skin with sunscreen. But have you protected your home, your car or your business from sun damage? The same heat, glare and UV rays are penetrating your windows, fading your interior, making your air conditioner work harder and producing annoying glare.

Why Window Tinting?

“At this time of the year, we get a lot of calls from people concerned about the sun’s effect on the interior of their home. UV rays can quickly fade furniture, flooring and window treatments,” said Chris DeLuca, owner of All Pro Window Tinting. “I’ve been in new homes where we lift up the area rug and the homeowner is shocked to see that ultraviolet damage has already occurred.”

All Pro installs high-end Hüper Optik® window films to eliminate energy consumption in the home, workplace and vehicles. The Hüper Optik® product lines also help to reduce interior fading, reduce glare, block UV rays and block IR rays to keep homes, businesses and autos comfortable during all times of the year.

“Typically, the products will pay for themselves in energy savings within the first one-to-two years,” said DeLuca. “Hüper Optik® products also meet Energy Star qualifications, which means customers may get tax credits depending on the power company they use.”

Hüper Optik® – Exclusive Films

Hüper Optik® is the market leader in German-engineered, multi-layered, nano-ceramic and traditional solar-control film technology. Offered only by select authorized dealers, these films provide energy savings with low-to-no interior reflectivity and heat rejection without having a dark, noticeable film on your windows.

“Our films are designed to be non-reflective with higher heat rejection and better fade control than traditional films. There aren’t many manufacturers or companies we compete against who can offer these types of products,” said DeLuca. “Homeowners and business owners end up choosing our Hüper Optik® products because they want natural light without the heat. The films protect their furniture and allow visibility outside during the day or night.”

The Select series and Ceramic series are the most popular Hüper Optik® films chosen by customers in the north Fulton area.

Hüper Optik® Select Series

Originally designed for NASA, the Hüper Optik® Select series is the highest performing, non-reflective film in the world. These clear films are manufactured with alternating layers of microscopic gold and silver metals as well as dielectric substances. The process produces a film with incredible heat, glare and ultraviolet protection. The films block damaging infrared rays that produce heat and the ultraviolet light rays that cause fading. The films never fade, are dye- and pigment-free, and do not have a metallic or shiny appearance.

Hüper Optik® Ceramic Series

These films are produced by depositing ceramic coatings on ultra-clear films. The end product offers heat, glare and ultraviolet light protection. Metal-free, dye-free and pigment-free, these films do not bubble, split, turn purple or fade. The product delivers heat rejection without affecting visibility. In addition, the film does not appear shiny and has low reflectivity, producing a natural view day and night.

All Pro Window Tinting

Founded in 2007 by Canton, GA native Chris DeLuca, All Pro Window Tinting has become known for quality products, expert installation and professional customer service. With locations in Atlanta, Canton and Roswell, the company offers a complete line of products for residential, commercial and automotive applications. Automotive tinting is offered at the Canton location in a large warehouse facility.

DeLuca explains that he built his company on “quality not quantity.” He believes in old-fashioned interaction with customers, and he takes time to consult with each customer and offers tinting solutions based on their needs and budget. DeLuca leaves a written quote with the customer when the estimate is completed.

“I love this business. I enjoy meeting different people every day. I’m very casual and down-to-earth, and very attuned to what customers want,” said DeLuca.

Satisfied Customers

“I had window tinting done on all my family room windows in 2003. The film became streaky, and so the windows always looked dirty. I had mentioned this to a friend who recommended All Pro Window Tinting. Chris came out promptly and gave me a reasonable price for removing the old film and applying a new, much better-quality film to the family room windows and also to my kitchen windows. Chris helped me pick the right tint for the job, and the installation was flawless. I tinted the windows to reduce sun exposure on items in the house and reduce the glare on our TV screen. I am thrilled with how much better the view is, in addition to the tinting. Chris was professional, friendly and prompt, and I would definitely use their services again,” said Trisha Beller, Cumming, GA.

“All Pro Window Tinting gets my business every time. Over the last few years, they have tinted my office, home and cars. When All Pro tinted my office, it made a huge difference in cutting the glare and making it more comfortable for everyone. They definitely take care of their customers. When we had a contractor break a window on our home, Chris repaired the window, even though it was a rather small job. He was glad to do it,” said Matt Rogers, Marietta, GA.

“I selected All Pro Window Tinting for my beach house. Wish I had done it years ago, but all I can say is thank goodness I finally got around to it. What a difference! You could feel an immediate drop in temperature inside the house. I didn’t think the view of the beach could be any better, but honestly, looking through the tinting, the colors are brighter, and everything just looks clearer. The product is amazing, but equally important was the quality of service. Chris and the whole team were so responsive. They worked around my schedule and made the entire process so easy. I was so impressed that I have recommended them to my place of business, and I think that says it all,” said Denise Swords, Atlanta, GA.

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