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Todd Hayes for Solicitor-General

The Best Choice for Solicitor-General, Todd Hayes Leads with Experience and Integrity

By Cyndi Braun

“As Cherokee County continues to grow, so will the caseload in state court. Todd has the experience and knowledge to handle the challenges ahead. He has established working relationships with our judges and the entire court staff. He will be ready on his first day to lead the office into the future,” said Jessica Moss, current Solicitor-General for Cherokee County.

Republican Todd Hayes stands ready to serve as Cherokee County’s next elected Solicitor-General. With fifteen years of experience in the field as a prosecuting attorney, Todd offers a solid background to make him the right choice for Cherokee.

“I’ve been doing this particular job in this office for the last two years, so I’m ready on day one,” said Todd, the appointed Chief Assistant Solicitor-General. “Electing someone with experience is important because the work this office does affects public safety, and you want to leave that in trusted hands.”

Qualifications and Experience

As Chief Assistant Solicitor-General for Cherokee County, Todd supervises three trial teams, oversees office operations, and handles the prosecution of cases such as complex vehicular homicides.

Previously, Todd served as an Assistant Solicitor-General in both Forsyth and Cobb Counties, and as an Assistant District Attorney for the Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit. For five years, he served as Senior Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor for the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia where he provided legal aid and training to thousands of traffic prosecutors and law enforcement officers.

A graduate of numerous state and national advanced DUI training programs, Todd has been called Georgia’s most experienced DUI prosecutor. Todd brings this experience and breadth of knowledge to Cherokee County in his commitment to keeping local roads safe.

In 2016, Mothers Against Drunk Driving honored Todd as Georgia Prosecutor of the Year, and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recognized him for his outstanding service in keeping dangerous and reckless drivers off the road.

Todd earned three degrees from the University of Georgia. He graduated from UGA School of Law in 2002, finished his master’s degree in business administration in 1999, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history in 1998.

Roots in Cherokee County

Todd and his wife Sara met in high school while attending church in Marietta. They started dating after college and married in 2002. They purchased a house in Macedonia in 2007 and made Cherokee County their home. They have five children: Clark (12), Alex (10), Ella (8), Walker (5), and Olivia (18 months).

Sara directs the elementary program at Classical Conversations of Woodstock, an international homeschool program. She also teaches piano at home and is the orchestra pianist at First Baptist Church of Atlanta.

Todd is a 2017 graduate of Leadership Cherokee, an active member of the Rotary Club of Canton and the Canton Optimist Club, and a deacon and choir member at their church.

The Most Qualified Candidate

Todd’s commitment to serving and protecting the community is more of a passion than a career. He believes in working with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office to ensure that justice is served. He understands that misdemeanors affect public safety and must be handled in a fair and efficient manner.

Todd supports the Cherokee County State Court accountability court programs, which help stabilize destructive behavior and lifestyles. These programs include the DUI court program, misdemeanor drug court, treatment accountability court, and veterans’ accountability court. By breaking the cycle of criminal behavior, successful accountability courts save taxpayer dollars.

“This job is not about getting convictions. It’s about making the world a better – and safer – place,” said Todd.

Todd Hayes has identified these areas as priorities for the solicitor-general’s office:

Domestic Violence Accountability
Every victim of domestic violence should have a voice. Often, this type of crime leaves victims in a place where they don’t even want to defend themselves. The job of prosecutors is to step alongside of them and help them find their voices again. Todd doesn’t ever want victims of domestic violence to come through his office and feel like they aren’t important, because they are.

Maintain Safe Streets
Making Cherokee County streets safe starts with good impaired driving enforcement. Todd believes that motorists should be able to get in their car and do whatever they need to do without having to worry about impaired drivers. With Todd’s DUI enforcement background, he’s uniquely positioned to make that a reality.

Support Law Enforcement Officers
Todd believes in working with the police and building relationships. The Solicitor-General’s office should make sure that police work is properly presented in a court of law. Police should feel confident that prosecutors are doing their best for them. That leads to better results across the board.

Remember to vote on May 22!


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