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VoiceoverCity Media Services

Professional Media Services Within Reach

By Cyndi Braun

If you want to transform your corporate or nonprofit event from average to extraordinary, it’s time to contact VoiceoverCity Media Services (VMS). Through livestreaming, audiovisual rentals, and other services, this company helps area clients build connections, increase revenue, and improve fundraising.

“I enjoy getting out there and interacting with people,” said Gerald Griffith, VMS president. “Whether I’m doing a live production or setting up an AV rental, I get to engage with people. I find out what it is they want to do with their business or event, then I bring skills to the table to help them grow.”

Griffith first became interested in the voiceover field after working as a radio announcer while serving in the Army. He graduated from Strayer University with a degree in computer networking then worked in the technology field. In 2012, he started a meetup group to get people together to learn about voiceover. As the meetup grew, Griffith started developing classes then established a conference called VO Atlanta, which has grown from 125 attendees in 2013 to more than 700 in 2018. With the success of the conference, Griffith decided to expand his business to include livestreaming, audiovisual rentals, as well as voiceover services and podcasting.

Live Events
With today’s technology, you never have to miss an important event. Through professional live event broadcasting, VMS helps clients reach their audience, wherever that audience might be. The company streams the event then feeds the content to YouTube, Facebook, and the client’s webpage. Through these services, VMS can help clients grow their audience, extend their brand, and connect with the people they are trying to reach.

“I enjoy live events because I can be involved and tailor the services to the client’s specific needs. I advise nonprofits to use livestreaming when they hold their next fundraiser, so instead of only reaching the people who attend the event, they’re able to reach hundreds more through live broadcast. And if they include an option to donate, that increases the fundraiser,” said Griffith. “By watching the livestream, constituents will feel like they are part of the action, which will build connections. All they need to do is access the internet to be immersed in the experience.”

Numerous companies, churches, and nonprofits have already taken advantage of VMS’ professional offerings. Griffith provides ongoing livestreaming for 1 Million Cups, an entrepreneurial group that meets biweekly in Woodstock. He also provided a live broadcast of Easter services for Momentum Church, which enables the church to spread fellowship and ministry to people across the country. This fall, he provided live video for middle school football games and served as the official livestreaming company for the Georgia Middle School Athletic Association 7A Football Championship.

“Parents love livestreaming. It gives people an opportunity to engage in something that’s happening now. It gives out-of-town grandparents a chance to see their grandchild in action,” said Griffith. “Even in the stands, I sometimes see parents watching the livestream because they can see the replays and sometimes have a better view of the game.”
AV Rental
If you’re looking for audiovisual assistance, VMS can handle that as well, through rental services that include setting up the AV equipment for individualized needs. With a convenient location in Woodstock, businesses and nonprofits can stop by to pick up or drop off equipment. VMS also offers delivery and set-up services if requested.

“We only work with quality products and provide clients with the tools they need to succeed,” said Griffith. “Companies call us to set up, make sure everything works, and provide on-site support if needed. We make it easy and convenient, so the client can focus on the event itself.”

Available High-Quality Rental Equipment
LCD projectors
Expandable and tripod screens
Microphones, mixers, speakers
Video cameras

Serving the Community
VMS continues to expand its reach throughout Cherokee County and beyond. Griffith works with Etowah High School students to give them an opportunity to learn the field and get valuable experience. His children assist with live productions by operating the graphics computer or a camera during a broadcast. VMS is also a Partner in Education.

“We are Cherokee’s local resource provider. Based here in Woodstock, we can help clients reach far and wide, throughout the country,” said Griffith. “We partner with our clients and are fully engaged in the services we provide. Our goal is to add value to their efforts and help them make the connections they need for success.”

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