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Book Review: Bending Heaven's Will

By Farris Yawn

Are ghosts real? What about demons? What happens to us when we die?

Author Terry L. Kemp continues to explore these questions in the follow-up to his first novel, Until It’s All Over, where Zach Dawson reluctantly answered heaven’s call to help the poor souls trapped in our world to find peace and to battle the forces of evil that would exploit them.

In Bending Heaven’s Will, Zach answers heaven’s call once again, as he battles the malevolent forces seeking his destruction. He understands his mission and abilities much better, but he also faces much more powerful and determined foes. An attack drives him from his north Georgia refuge into the mountains of North Carolina. As his enemies grow, can Zach build a team of allies, living and dead, strong enough to drive back the forces of darkness?

The question remains: What would you do in the moment you realize you are dead?

If you enjoy ghost stories, be sure to get this book. It is available in print or eBook editions at,, or Kemp’s first book is also available at

Kemp is, in his words, battling his way through the crazy, tangled jungles of education after a career in the corporate world. He is a lifelong resident of Georgia, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.