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Community Partner: Skye Precious Kids

Skye Precious Kids’ mission is to provide resources to families in financial crisis who are caring for children facing life-threatening illnesses and disabilities to support a healthy and safe home environment, full access to medical care and equipment, as well as educational support.

Their cause is to aid families in short-term financial hardship with obtaining the necessary tools to allow them to fully focus on caring for their children’s medical and educational needs.

Skye Precious Kids serves Georgia families with documented economic hardship, not already receiving financial aid from other organizations or government entities, that are caring for children from birth to 18 who are living with an illness or disability.

There are an estimated 13,000 children in Georgia living with a long-term disability or chronic, incurable diagnosis. Nearly 60 percent of these children are cared for by single mothers and in many sad cases, grandmothers. The economic burdens placed on families caring for their special-needs children, particularly those fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases, is tremendous. Often, a parent must stop working to care for their child, reducing their ability to pay for the many medical costs that are not covered by insurance. Many families may be at risk of eviction or having the lights turned off because they are behind on their bills. Some face the cost of having their homes renovated for wheelchair accessibility or will need a handicapped-accessible vehicle, both of which are not covered by insurance programs. Some will be homebound with children who cannot attend school and are struggling to keep up, so they do not fall behind in their education.

The families that need assistance go through Skye Precious Kids’ application screening, applying for support for their unique needs. If approved for aid through one of Skye Precious Kids’ three key programs, the organization works with medical providers, utility companies, vendors, and other payees directly. Financial aid is never given directly to individuals. Assistance is provided in the following ways:
Assistance Options
Precious Families
Short-term financial support for rent, utilities, food, gas, and other necessities during times of unemployment due to caring for children or due to transition between jobs; renovations to homes for handicapped accessibility with items such as stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, ramping, and bathroom accessibility renovations

Precious Health
Medical costs including co-pays, deductibles, medications, durable medical equipment and supplies, diapers, treatment and therapies, as well as skilled nursing and respite care; aid with bridging the gap between what Medicaid and private insurance provides and what sick and disabled children truly need but their parents cannot afford

Precious Minds
Support to continue meaningful education while homebound including tutors, homework assistance, computers and assistive technology, and scholarships for special and online courses

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