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Book Review: Social Actions: A Vietnam Story

by Farris Yawn

The Vietnam War has been the topic of numerous books, movies, and TV series. So much so that even those of us not directly affected by the conflict almost feel like we know everything about it. Author Donnie Henriques has used his experiences in Vietnam to create a compelling story about an aspect of that terrible war.

Patrick Haney was a young Air Force clerk who, upon arriving in Vietnam, found himself assigned to a new program designed to improve race relations and curb drug use among the personnel serving in the war. Social Actions was the new program that soon brought Patrick into conflict with those profiting from the drug trade.

As if adjusting to living in a war zone was not difficult enough, Patrick also had to fend off physical and professional attacks, sometimes from those he thought he could trust. Those around him also paid the price, sometimes with their life.

Patrick’s troubles didn’t end when he got home either.

Social Actions: A Vietnam Story is a gritty, compelling read that is perfect for anyone interested in getting a glimpse into an aspect of the war we don’t hear much about.

Donnie Henriques is a first-time author, born in New Orleans, LA and is now living in Woodstock, where he has served as mayor since 2006. Henriques is a Vietnam veteran with four years of service in the Air Force. Henriques lives with his wife of over 32 years, Dr. Jan Henriques, and has three children and three grandchildren. Since graduating from Louisiana State University New Orleans in 1979, he worked in the restaurant industry followed by the medical administration field for over 20 years.

The book is available on, and at Yawn’s Publishing office in Canton.