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You Could be Mosquito-Free

By Maria Klouda

Three years ago, Jody Wheeler and Chad Woodall combined their long-standing friendship, resources, and previous business experiences to form Mosquito-Free. They set out to make Mosquito-Free the No. 1 choice for mosquito control solutions. Through some heartfelt prayers and a great deal of hard work, they are well on their way to accomplishing that feat.

As lifelong residents of Cherokee County, Wheeler and Woodall are excited to grow their business in the area they call home. Independently owned and operated, the company is based near BridgeMill in the Sixes community. Their service area includes Cherokee and Cobb Counties as well as parts of Bartow, north Fulton, Forsyth, Pickens, and Paulding counties.

Most would agree, mosquitoes have a special ability to ruin outdoor activities. With the buzzing, biting, swatting, and scratching, one might think it is easier to stay inside. No doubt, mosquitoes are a long-standing nuisance in the South, but they are a distant memory for Mosquito-Free customers. Long gone are the days of spraying the family down with insect repellant to go outside.

Mosquito-Free offers a variety of solutions that are 100 percent biodegradable and completely safe for your family and pets. Applications are guaranteed to repel mosquitos for three weeks with recurring treatments every 21 days. In addition to mosquitoes, Mosquito-Free treatments help control over 70 other harmful insects including fleas, ticks, ants, and spiders. While mosquitoes are the primary target, flea and tick control is equally important to many customers as a preventative measure for their pets.

If you don’t need seasonal mosquito control, Mosquito-Free offers one-time applications for special outdoor events and parties. They also offer other treatment alternatives such as mosquito-free misting systems that automatically mist an area based on pre-set schedules. Whether your need is ongoing or one-time, residential or commercial, Mosquito-Free will create a mosquito-free zone for you to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Mosquito-Free offers the first treatment FREE for new customers with a seasonal service plan. Pricing meets any budget and begins at $49 per application. Any lot size, from a small enclosed courtyard to a large acreage home, is treatable. Service is seamless for customers with a reminder notice before the application date, followed by a completion notification and online payment capabilities. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and any issue can usually be resolved in 24-48 hours. The typical mosquito season begins in March and ends in October; however, Mosquito-Free service plans are highly flexible based on the needs of the customer.

Customers have quickly fallen in love with the results and services offered by Mosquito-Free. The company maintains five-star ratings on Google and Facebook reviews.

“We cannot believe how much it has helped. I just wish we’d started using them sooner.”
- Jeff C.

“Last summer was the first summer that I could really enjoy being out on our deck and working in my little garden without having to cover myself in bug spray. It was amazing! These guys will take care of you.”
- Cindy C.

“Absolutely the best customer service around! We couldn’t sit in our backyard until they came out and treated. I was doubtful it would work, but it does!
Worth every penny!” - Denise P.

In 2018, Mosquito-Free launched a new division called Spider-Free. Spider-Free is a service offered solely to boat dock owners and lake enthusiasts with marina slips. Spiders have long been troublesome to boaters as well as the topic of many complaints. Spider webs, spider bites, spider excrement, and spider phobias all contribute to the frustration of the boating community. Servicing Lake Allatoona, Lanier, and other north Georgia lakes, Spider-Free can rid boats of unwanted pests.

Spider-Free is a unique and effective way to treat for spiders. It is all natural, environmentally friendly, and safe for all aquatic life. In addition to treating for spiders and other insects, the Spider-Free service also includes removal of all webs, egg sacks, and other insect nests. Pricing varies based on the size of the boat dock or marina slip. Service plans are seasonal, typically starting in March and running through October. Instead of spending two to three hours cleaning spider messes, boaters can affordably treat their boat docks. The extra time allows boaters to “Boat More and Clean Less.”

Wheeler and Woodall plan to continue to grow and serve Cherokee and the surrounding area because it is more than just a place to do business; it is their home. They grew up here and are raising their families here. They are working to make the outdoors more enjoyable by creating Mosquito-Free and Spider-Free spaces.

Learn more about Mosquito-Free and Spider-Free, including their customer referral program, at and, or by calling 770-704-4560. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Call or visit either website and mention code “FAMILY LIFE” to receive $100 off a full season of mosquito control or $50 off a full season of spider control.