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Book Review: ‘The Magic'

‘The Magic’ challenges readers to find a magical life through gratitude.

By Catherine Groves

"The Magic,” by Rhonda Byrne, provides a 28-day journey of finding the “magic” in life and living life more gratefully. For 28 days, readers will participate in a different practice each day. Each practice is designed to make readers more grateful and experience more magical moments in different aspects of life.

Before even beginning with Day 1, Byrne provides 28 pages of thought-provoking writing on gratitude and living a magical life. The beginning paragraph, “Remember when you were a child and you looked at life in total wonder and awe? Life was magical and exciting, and the smallest things were utterly thrilling to you. You were fascinated by the frost on the grass, a butterfly flittering through the air, or any strange leaf or rock on the ground,” grabs a hold quickly, and the “magical” journey really does begin!

There are 28 magical practices designed to change readers’ negative beliefs and let gratitude create a miracle power that is life changing. This 28-day practice helps remove all of the negative attitudes, some from a very long time ago, and cause a deep transformation.

Byrne writes on 28 different topics, all designed to get rid of the negative, focus on the positive, and embrace a spirit of gratitude. Day 1 begins with giving blessings for all, and the simple tasks outlined for doing so at the end of this chapter are reason to look forward to Day 2.

From our health, to relationships, and even our professional lives, nothing is left out. As powerful as discovering the “Law of Attraction in Action,” in Byrne’s first book, “The Secret,” the “Miracle Power of Gratitude” is just as powerful and life changing in “The Magic.”

Whether it is to find the “magic” in life by learning the true art of gratitude or maybe just desire for personal growth, “The Magic” is sure to deliver.

“The Magic” can be purchased at most major bookstores and in e-Reader versions for Kindle and Nook.