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Community Partner: A Second Later

In February 2008, Molly Welch was a junior studying journalism at Auburn University. While she was driving back to school, she was listening to interviews she’d conducted for a newspaper article assignment. She dropped her recorder, reached down to pick it up, and ended up crashing head-on with a pickup truck. As a result of the accident, Welch sustained a traumatic brain Injury, was given a 50-50 chance to live, and was diagnosed with hemiparesis. Her life was forever altered.

Welch was transferred from East Alabama Medical Center to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta after three weeks in a coma. Another month passed, and she was still in a coma and not making progress, so she was sent home. When she started mouthing words and waking up at home, she returned to the Shepherd Center for intense physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

After a while, Welch was able to return home for good, and she was eager to finish her remaining classes at Auburn and obtain her degree. Her professors only required her to attend class once a week, so Welch’s family took turns driving her to campus. Though it took an extra three years, she was able to walk across the stage to receive her diploma.

Once she received her degree, Welch met with business owners from NuTEQ Solutions, who helped her create a PSA and a nonprofit motivational speaking company. Through this company, Welch has been able to speak to students across Georgia about the importance of continuing education, not driving distracted, and not giving up.

Welch has spoken to many high schools, nonprofits, faith groups, and businesses. She has also spoken at TEDxEmory and to the Georgia General Assembly prior to the adoption of a Hands-Free bill. She would be happy to speak to any group that needs to hear her message, which she hopes to share throughout Georgia and beyond.

Since large groups are not able to meet right now because of the pandemic, Welch is available to share her message in Zoom meetings/conferences. She has also started a new initiative called Keep Your Eyes On the Road, which provides magnets to put on car bumpers to help raise awareness about focusing on driving while you are behind the wheel. Magnets are $10 each and can be purchased on GoFundMe (search “Keep Your Eyes On the Road”) or by visiting

Welch is determined to help keep others from making the same mistake she made. After 13 years, she still walks with a cane, has no use of her right arm, and has a softer speaking voice. Please help her bring attention to this dire problem.

For more information or to arrange for speaking engagements, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..