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Book Review: Absolute Justice

By Farris Yawn

When Atlanta Private Investigator Nick Price is hired by Julia Garrett to find her missing husband, he soon finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy. It will take all his skills and experience to unravel the mystery before criminals put a permanent end to his investigation.

I saw no movement in the shadows. If someone were going to come after me, this would be the perfect time. Catch me going to my car in a dark alley, put a bullet in the back of my head, and then walk out to a waiting car on the adjacent street. I took my 9mm out of its holster and pumped a round into the chamber. Then, I turned into the alley and took a few steps. Then, I heard the shot and saw the muzzle flash simultaneously (excerpt from Absolute Justice).

Absolute Justice will keep you guessing until the end. The Atlanta settings put a fresh spin on the hard-boiled detective genre, giving us characters that are at once familiar and new. Nick Price is an old-school detective who follows the clues wherever they take him until he gets justice for his client.

Larry Pitts, a retired journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has populated this story with interesting characters and created a plot that keeps you absorbed until the last page. Absolute Justice is not a new release, but it is deserving of a new audience. If you enjoy a good detective story, this book is for you.