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Book Review: Pascal A Journey with Autism

Autism is something that impacts many lives. Most of us have friends or family members who are struggling with the challenges that come with having an autistic child or young adult.

In Pascal: A Journey With Autism, Dr. Barbe Biloa-Many shares one young mans trials with autism, as he and his family work to understand his diagnosis and treatment.

Often told in Pascals and his mothers own words, we learn the symptoms that led to his diagnosis as well as many of the therapies, treatments, and strategies that were utilized by his doctors and therapists. The book also contains references to many resources for anyone who may need help.

Dr. Biloa-Many takes us through the diagnostic process and explains what to expect at each step. An autism diagnosis can sometimes cause many contradictory feelings and reactions in a family such as relief at having some answers, fear for what it means for the child and the family moving forward, and even anger at God or each other that this is happening. Readers can follow along, as Pascal and his family come to terms with his diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

Now an adult, Pascal is a very high functioning, productive member of his community. He works on his familys farm/wedding venue and is planning to get married soon.

Pascals journey shows that autism, while challenging and sometimes difficult, does not have to prevent a child from progressing. With the proper therapies and treatment plan, an autistic child can learn the skills to live a full and happy life, just like Pascal.