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Burns Law Group

Local Law Firm Offers Quality, Individual Approach

By Cyndi Braun

Divorce, criminal charges, custody issues, whatever the legal concern, Cherokee County residents can call upon top-notch attorneys at The Burns Law Group.

Located on East Main Street in Canton, The Burns Law Group is a full-service law firm. With three attorneys, five paralegals, and an office manager, they are an experienced staff available to handle complex cases and legal matters around the clock.

Established by J. Daran Burns in 1993, the firm focuses on both domestic and criminal law.

Experienced Local Firm

Most people have little to no experience with the legal system and find it intimidating, as they dont know what to expect. As a seasoned law firm, The Burns Law Group is familiar with the local courts, prosecutors, and judges. They know how to use the system to get the best results for their clients.

When you have a case, you want to have a lawyer who is local, knows the court, has experience with the judges, and has a solid history and reputation here. We provide all of that to our clients, said Burns. There are many lawyers in our town, and we try to set our firm apart by providing our clients with a capable office staff that is available for a higher level of client contact, regardless of our trial schedule. Clients can always reach someone in our office who understands their case and can discuss details and information on the progress of the case. When the lawyers are in court, the clients can rest easier knowing their matter can still be advanced by the firm, and they can still communicate with us.

The firm offers a free, thirty-minute consultation by phone or in person. This enables potential clients to discuss the basics of their case and determine if theyd like to retain the services of the firm.

Domestic and Criminal Law

In domestic cases, emotions tend to run high. Having an attorney who knows when to be aggressive and when to be amicable is important. Some lawyers believe that every case requires them to be combative for their clients, but Burns disagrees.

Each case is different, and the lawyer needs to have the experience and knowledge to determine what approach is in the clients best interest. Sometimes, the client needs an aggressive attorney who will ensure that their rights are protected; however, most cases should begin with the goal of an amicable settlement, particularly when the parties have minor children, said Burns. Settling a domestic case in the conference room, as opposed to the courtroom, saves the client time, money, and the emotional toll a domestic case can cause. The lawyers at The Burns Law Group take the time to understand the issues involved in each case and develop a unique case strategy to give clients the best possible outcome.

The firm also handles criminal defense cases including everything from traffic tickets to murder trials. To begin building a defense, Burns encourages clients to seek legal help right away.
When someone is facing a criminal charge, they and their families may feel helpless or devastated. They need to hire an attorney quickly, making the right choice on who they hire, said Burns. The attorneys and staff in our office know how to navigate this system and know how to resolve criminal cases. Like other types of cases, knowing when to be aggressive and knowing when to push for a settlement is one of the most important parts of the case. Also, knowing that your lawyer has successfully tried the most complicated and serious cases provides a sense of security that you are in the right hands at The Burns Law Group.

Individual Approach

The firms attorneys believe in building relationships with clients based on trust and compassion and are committed to an individual approach tailored to each clients specific legal needs. Because of this, The Burns Law Group has earned a reputation as honest, skilled, and accomplished.
A lot of attorneys have a standard protocol on how they handle different types of cases. We believe that every case is unique and different because the facts, the people, and their life experiences are all unique and different, proclaimed Burns. I always remember that todays case is the most important thing in that clients life. And its out of their control. They are coming to us, and saying, Heres my life; heres my issue. They are putting it into our hands.

In addition to Burns, the firm has senior attorneys: Jennifer L. Davis who heads the
domestic team along with associate attorney Alex D. Morris; and Senior Attorney
Susan M. Zereini who heads the criminal law team.

Burns Law Group

181 Main Street
Canton, GA 30114