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Canton Termite Says "Thank You!" for Your Ongoing Support of Cherokee County

By Ellen Samsell Salas


Tim McWhirter, owner of Canton Termite, lives by the belief that we all are our brothers’ keepers. Serving his family, his employee family, and the Cherokee County area is the heart of his business. So, when COVID-19 turned the world upside down, McWhirter was thankful that his company could remain committed to those who rely on its services.

“We serve an essential role in our community: keeping everyone safe and clean,” McWhirter said. “I’m grateful we have been able to continue providing that service. I’m grateful we’re still in business, and I thank our customers for continuing to support us with their business.”

In the early days of the pandemic, when no one knew what to expect and many feared the worst, McWhirter said his employees were ready to respond.

“We worked hard to make sure we could continue to offer quality service while minimizing risks for both our customers and our employees,” said McWhirter. “We may choose to socially distance, but bugs sure won’t!”

Because his technicians routinely work in crawl spaces and attics with mold, mildew, bat droppings, and other potential carriers of disease, it wasn’t difficult to adapt to mandated protocols.

“When the new COVID guidance was released by the CDC, we found that many of these rules overlapped with the safety precautions we already use,” McWhirter said. “Because of this, it took minimal effort for us to comply with the safety guidelines. Our standard procedures allowed us to easily transition into this new world. To me, it highlighted the importance of preparation and training. I am thankful to my amazing team for rising to the challenge and enabling us to successfully navigate 2020.”

But, McWhirter emphasizes, it is the ongoing support of customers that enabled Canton Termite to survive the challenges created by the pandemic.

“We wouldn’t have gotten where we are today if not for our loyal customers. Times like these strengthen the community, and I have been so proud to be a Cherokee County resident and see the outpouring of support our community has shown local businesses,” said McWhirter.

A lifelong resident of Cherokee, McWhirter said he is also thankful the business could continue to contribute to
the economic health of the area.

And, with most of his employees born and raised in Cherokee County, he is happy to say, “We’re local. We understand our community. We’re not trying to expand into other markets. We want to be the best we can in our community. We have been able to grow because of all the people in Cherokee who are determined to keep money in the community. We’re all here to help each other out.”

Canton Termite and its employees have always given back to Cherokee County in multiple ways: serving as scout leaders, youth ministers, and Little League umpires while also providing free services to the less fortunate, and supporting area sports teams and events.

“Any time an opportunity arises to help, we jump on it,” McWhirter said.

For their Christmas gathering, which was held outside in a park in order to observe social distancing, they enjoyed food purchased from a local restaurant.

“Every little bit helps the mood of the community,” he said. “And in a dark time, every little spark helps.”

At the company Christmas party, McWhirter spoke to his employees about his responsibility to them and his customers. Likening himself to the captain of a small ship, not a huge cruise liner, he said he has a personal connection to each of them and the residents of Cherokee County.

“I want Canton Termite to be the best we can for our community. We all carry the weight of supporting and caring for each other. As we progress through 2021, my team and I will continue to provide quality service and support our community. We are proud to be your hometown pest control!”


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