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Code V Performance: Performing at a Higher Level

The Road To Playing D1 Sports

By Marsha Cornelius

We all want to help our children achieve their dreams. So, when our childs dream is to play sports at a D1 (Division 1) university, it is important for him/her to outperform the competition to catch the attention of university recruiters.

Competitive athletes follow rigorous training programs that make them run faster, jump higher, and make their bodies stronger. Every elite athlete knows, however, that the most important thing is to keep their body healthy, so they can train and compete at their peak performance.

Yet, the drive for peak performance can lead athletes, their coaches, and their parents to focus heavily on training, often to the detriment of their overall health. Strenuous repetitive training as well as intense competitions cause trauma to the body that frequently goes unnoticed, explains Dr. Veronica Jucknies or Dr. V as her patients call her. These traumas can cause pain, weakness, and degraded performance that strips away that competitive edge required to rise to the top. Sadly, great athletes often miss their chance to stand out because they are nursing injuries and are unable to shine during critical moments.

Elite athletes, like 2018 NFL MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes and three-time Super Bowl Champion Bill Romanowski, have relied on a revolutionary sports medicine technique called AMIT (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique) to stay healthy and perform their best.

AMIT not only accelerates injury recovery time, but it also enables athletes to make significant and rapid performance improvements, says Dr. V. These improvements give athletes the edge they need when being scouted for athletic scholarships because recruiters today are focused on rigid performance metrics when making their selections.

After receiving AMIT from Dr. V, David, a D1 college recruit, increased his standing vertical jump from 32 to 37 inches. AMIT helped me exceed D1 performance levels, David commented.

Jake, a high school baseball player, increased his throwing speed from 92 to 96 mph after just two AMIT sessions.?

Dr. V is one of only three dedicated practitioners on the East Coast and has patients fly in from as far away as Boston and Miami to receive this life-changing treatment.

Why Do Athletes Need AMIT?
Every person has inhibited (shut down) muscles from previous injuries that prevent them from performing and feeling their best, says Dr. V.

When a muscle is overloaded beyond that which it can sustain, it can either be inhibited neurologically, or it can tear, Dr. V continues.?Once inhibited, muscles tend to stay inhibited, creating imbalances and areas of instability throughout the body, causing joint and muscular pain.

How Does AMIT Work?
1. Identify Inhibited Muscles?
During a typical exam Dr. V says, we test approximately 300 of the major muscles of the body to find those that are weak or not firing properly. During these tests, we can identify which areas have been injured in the past which are generally why imbalances exist. Of the 300 muscles that we test, it is not uncommon to find 100 muscles that are not performing the way they should. Based on these patterns of muscle imbalance, we can define which areas of your body are unstable and predict where you will most likely experience future injury, if not treated.

Thats when the second step begins.

2. Reactivate
By integrating knowledge from the fields of chiropractic, osteopathy,?acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition, and others, I am able to noninvasively re-facilitate these muscles, explains Dr. V.?This will restore function to your body, accelerate injury recovery, remove pain, and prevent future injury to the area. As seen in testimonials from patients, the treatment doesnt take long to work.

Results You Can Expect
-Accelerated Healing 
-Increased Strength and Coordination 
-Increased Range of Motion 
-Reduced Pain 
-Prevention of Future Injuries 
-Correction of Muscular Imbalance and Joint Instability

3. Experience Immediate Improvement
AMIT is able to re-integrate these inhibited muscles into the nervous system, and the person will notice an immediate improvement in strength and function, she says. This technique has been tested and proven by world-class athletes as well as weekend warriors for over 20 years.

About Dr. V
Not only is Dr. V the mother of three, she holds a doctorate in physical therapy, which she practiced for 10 years before discovering AMIT. She found AMIT so effective that she went back to school for four more years to get her doctorate in chiropractic, so she could drastically improve her patients results.?She also earned board certification in orthopedics and Applied Kinesiology, to treat a wide range of sports injuries.?With her 16?years experience?in these combined techniques, Dr. V has mastered an integrated approach to healing and improving the quality of life for?all her patients.?She is so sure of the benefits of AMIT therapy, she guarantees her work.

In one treatment, Dr. V corrected my shoulder dysfunction to increase pushups from four to 30 and fixed pain and weakness in my leg, so I can ride better.
Melissa (active military and rider)

Totally worth it. I was facing a medical discharge after six months of physical therapy. AMIT saved my military career!
Nick (active military)

Code V resolved severe pain that my medical doctor and physical therapist could not. It worked better than everything else.
Paul (runner)


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