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Community Partner: Java Joy

Java Joy, a mobile coffee cart that provides job opportunities for adults with disabilities, began in Athens, Georgia, in 2016 out of parent nonprofit, Extra Special People (ESP). ESP was founded in 1986 to serve individuals with disabilities of all ages through after-school enrichment, weekend outings, and summer camps.

After seeing the need for vocational training for ESP’s adult participants, in 2013, ESP launched the Bouncin’ Bean coffee counter. For years, Bouncin’ Bean was a staple in the ESP community, bringing unmatched joy to everyone who visited the counter for a cup of coffee. So, ESP began dreaming of how to take this one-of-a-kind joy out to the community, beyond its four walls.

In December 2016, ESP launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the dream of transforming the Bouncin’ Bean into Java Joy. It was fully funded in less than a month, with more than $10,000 raised to help get the enterprise off the ground. Java Joy is now a part of ESP’s family of programs and larger mission to create opportunities for transformative experiences for people with disabilities and their families, changing lives for the better.

With the vision of becoming the largest employer of adults with developmental disabilities in the U.S., Java Joy is expanding to additional cities where the company can share the fun. In 2020, Java Joy launched in North Fulton. With a total of 70+ Joyristas (joy+barista) hired across all the communities it serves, Java Joy continues to provide meaningful employment for adults of all abilities while spreading unmatched happiness to the people it serves.

Community members can book Java Joy for meetings, conferences, customer recognition, or to enhance a celebration. Each booking comes with music, hot and iced coffee (or even hot chocolate!), and 2-3 Joyristas.

Do you know someone who needs a joyful pick me up? Java Joy also sells one-time gift options, which include a bag of coffee, a notebook, and a mug. This box is perfect for friends, family, teachers, or clients to show appreciation for the happiness that they bring to you. Each box also includes a personalized card about the Joyrista who packed your box as well as a video introduction.

By booking an event with Java Joy or purchasing gift boxes, you are helping to get ESP closer to its vision of a world where every person, of every ability, in every community has universal access to transformative experiences.

To book a Java Joy event in the Atlanta area, or to purchase a gift box or other available items, please visit the website.

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