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Community Partner: Mary Hall Freedom House

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Women come to Mary Hall Freedom House (MHFH) from all walks of life, often at their lowest point, in search of change. What they find at MHFH is love, hope, acceptance, and a vision for a restored future. The transformations that take place in the lives of these women are so dramatic and profound, its often deemed a miracle.

Founded in 1996 by Lucy Hall, MHFH serves women and women with children who suffer from the generational cycles of addiction, mental illness, poverty, and homelessness. As a living testimony to recovery, Lucy named the organization in memory of her mother who passed away from alcoholism when Lucy was six years old. Lucy then struggled with her own addictions. After the birth of her daughter, she feared she was destined to repeat the cycle of addiction that plagued her childhood. At the age of 27, Lucy overcame her addiction and felt called to help other women and families struggling to end these vicious cycles. She dedicated her life and organization to liberating other women in need of healing by instilling hope, giving love, and sharing miracles.

MHFH began with one apartment housing two women and has since expanded to a nationally recognized, multi-service provider for comprehensive and innovative care. Through the attention of a dedicated staff of 65, women and children receive comprehensive behavioral health services, sustainable housing, intensive career development, and therapeutic childcare. Eight of MHFHs current staff are graduates of the program, demonstrating the success of the organizations programs and services. Motivated by its continued progress, MHFH expanded its services by adding programs specifically designed to address the needs of homeless veteran women and their children. Veterans assistance includes transitional housing, employment training and placement, and substance abuse and mental health services.

MHFH is at a critical turning point in its organizational history. In 2017, MHFH launched The Pathway to Freedom campaign to fund the purchase of residential real estate for sustainable, long-term housing to establish Atlantas first 24/7/365 low-barrier housing and social detox facility to meet the emergent, critical needs of women, children, and veterans in the community as well as create a permanent home for the organizations support services. The Pathway to Freedom campaign will launch the organization on the path to self-sufficiency and sustainability for many years to come, ensuring thousands of women, veterans, and families have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of a better life today and tomorrow.

For the past 22 years, MHFH has blossomed into a vital community asset, serving as a safe haven for families, as they undertake the hard work of rebuilding their lives. Women find both comfort and accountability in this supportive environment, as they come to know their peers who are facing the same struggles and challenges. Many describe the connections they make at MHFH as lifelong sisterhood.

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