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Community Partner: Matiak Foundation

Serve to empower

The Matiak Foundation was formed out of a desire to serve the community in a greater way than what could be done through the Matiaks family-owned business, R & D Mechanical. The Matiak Foundation is a servant leader in the Cherokee County community, providing resources, education, and opportunities for success.

One of the desires of Matiak Foundation is to establish a skilled trades training center and apprenticeship program for Cherokee County. Matiak Foundations mission is to serve children, young adults, families, and veterans in our community and world by providing resources, education, and opportunities for them to succeed.

The Matiak Foundation partners with local schools, agencies, and nonprofit organizations to identify individuals for their programs. Their target demographic is foster children who are aging out of the system, youth who did not complete high school, at-risk young adults in local schools, veterans reentering the workforce, the unemployed, and the underemployed.

The Foundations Workforce Training Program consists of short-term classes designed to empower and equip students for success. One such program, Tools for Success, is a career-readiness program that empowers students to excel in any workforce environment from office administration, to retail, to manufacturing, to construction, and more. The Matiak Foundation wants to give each participant something to strive for and work toward to help set them up for long-term prosperity.

Participants in the Tools for Success program learn professionalism, communication, critical thinking, conflict resolution, problem-solving, stress management, resume writing, and other important skills. The program not only helps participants land a career, it also equips them with skills to keep it and excel in it. Upon completion of the program, the foundation will assist graduates with job placement in local businesses.

The Matiak Foundation recently hosted a celebration for three young men who completed the program. Two of the graduates were from the Goshen New Beginnings program and the other young man had tried a semester at college only to realize that it wasnt for him.

These gentlemen spent nine evenings, three hours each evening, learning new skills and putting them into practice. Several community volunteers took part in the program by teaching, leading mock interviews, and sharing their own personal experiences.

All of the three gentlemen are now employed with local companies two at Universal Alloy Corporation and one with Southeast Restoration. The Matiak Foundation also pairs graduates with a mentor who will help them navigate their new careers and life obstacles for 12 months following graduation.

For more information on how you can help, donate, or become a part of the Matiak Foundation, visit, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Matiak Foundation
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