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Community Partner: Operation Not Forgotten

What is Operation Not Forgotten?

Operation Not Forgotten was created to help veterans and their families achieve a better quality of life. Operation Not Forgotten works through Vet Life Community to connect veterans with other veterans, buddies they can trust and relate with to coach them through any difficulties. Their mission is to measurably enhance and improve a veterans quality of life and functioning in four areas: mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

What is Vet Life Community?

Vet Life Community is a network of local, weekly, peer-based support meetings that offer tools to help veterans as they transition back into life outside the military. Meetings are free for all participating veterans and their loved ones. Each veteran will be offered the opportunity to take a Life Renewed Quality of Life Assessment (QOLA). The results will help determine the appropriate coaching they may need as they transition back into civilian life.

The meetings will also introduce veterans and their families to trained life coaches (all of whom are also veterans) who will help them understand and use the information provided in their QOLA profile. The life coach will help the veteran construct a life plan, so that he/she and his/her family can make necessary lifestyle changes and experience an improved quality of life.

In addition to a weekly community meeting, the life coach and the veteran/family member(s) also meet weekly at a time and location that is mutually convenient. Meetings with life coaches are personal and done one-on-one; men coach men, and women coach women, creating a true community.

Another important aspect of a Vet Life Community is the renewed sense of brotherhood/sisterhood that veterans felt when they were in the military. Vet Life Community is a place where veterans can meet other veterans and form new friendships with people who really understand; people who have been there. Community members can get together for Sunday afternoon ball games, picnics, televised sports, or even just a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. The important thing is to have someone there for veterans to reach out to a place to find support a Vet Life Community.

Vet Life Community meetings are held every Thursday at First Baptist Church Woodstock, Building A, Room 240; 11905 Highway 92, Woodstock.

For more information, please contact Tim King at 678-494-2680, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit