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Dickerson For Georgia

Jason T. Dickerson

Successful Businessman.
Community Leader.
Conservative for Senate.


Blazing His Own Trail

You probably don’t know his name, you wouldn’t recognize his face, you may never have heard of his company, but you have DEFINITELY seen his nationally recognized, award-winning, military-themed tractor trailers.

Depicting iconic images such as Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Sam, Pearl Harbor, and the Normandy American Cemetery in France (just to name a few), the man behind the success and vision of Quest Trucking is Jason T. Dickerson.

“For me, the trailers are a chance to pay my respects to the many men and women who have worn the uniform and who have answered the call of duty to defend the United States in times of need. Being the son and grandson of combat veterans, I know the sacrifices these soldiers make — both in war and in civilian life,” says Dickerson.

Born in Canton and raised on a farm in the small community of Union Hill, Dickerson learned the lessons of hard work and a strong faith in God. At a young age, he showed traits of a natural entrepreneur and a mind for business, having started his first company at age 15. To date, Dickerson has almost 30 years of leadership and business experience and is the cofounder and CEO of Quest Trucking, a long-haul transportation company employing more than 400 people.

By thinking outside the box and knowing there was a better way in transportation, Dickerson set his sights on the future and blazed a trail that would set the bar for everyone else to reach. Not bogged down by having to follow “the way it has always been done before,” he forged ahead with groundbreaking industry ideas such as automatic transmissions, fuel mapping, aerodynamic skirts, and tire inflation systems — all of which are now considered standard equipment.

“Sometimes, it’s lonely being out front by yourself, but that’s what real leaders do. We push the limits of what’s possible, and after years at the helm, I’ve grown accustomed to being out there. I thrive on it,” says Dickerson.


Giving Back to Our Community

While sitting at his grandparents’ dinner table on Sundays after church, Dickerson learned the value of giving back to the community.

“I was told to always be grateful for what I have been blessed with, but also know there is someone else that could use a blessing more than me,” Dickerson says.

Seeing his grandmother, mom, and aunt bake cakes for the families of recently deceased churchgoers, deliver meals to the sick, and volunteer at local nursing homes, Dickerson gained a firsthand understanding of what it means to help those in need.

With those early lessons in mind, Dickerson has spent years consistently working hard to support many local nonprofits in the areas of education, child foster care, animal welfare, elder support, first responder and veteran charities.

Eventually, his family decided to officially expand their charitable efforts by forming The Jason T. Dickerson Family Foundation to not only be more open and transparent, but to also allow them to partner with other businesses, community leaders, and nonprofits. By bringing more of the community together, the Foundation has expanded the effect and elevated the awareness of some of the issues vital to our community.

Some of Dickerson’s favorite efforts include serving food at senior living centers, providing materials for home projects that benefit local veterans, hauling hundreds of boxes of baby diapers to foster care centers, and delivering thousands of pounds of dog food to local animal rescue facilities.

Dickerson also understands the importance of a quality education and the need for the next generation to strive to be better than the last. In 2019, he decided that his family’s Foundation would begin providing scholarships to local high school students who planned to pursue a degree in one of the much-needed workforce areas of nursing, agriculture, veterinary medicine, or theology. The Foundation anticipates awarding nearly $100,000 in scholarships from 2020 through 2022.


Stepping Up to Serve

Now, Dickerson is volunteering to serve our community in a different way by running for the Georgia State Senate.

“There is a group of people who are intent on destroying our country from the inside out, and I’m not just going to stand around and watch it happen. It’s time for people to stand up and defend our great nation,” Dickerson says.

Dickerson will fight to protect life, defend our Second Amendment gun rights, champion smaller government, demand fiscal responsibility, and make sure that our tax dollars will be spent as efficiently as possible.

After years of running his own businesses, Dickerson has firsthand experience in dealing with local ordinances, state laws, and federal regulations. In today’s uncertain times, he believes we need leaders with a strong voice and a business mind — not career politicians.

“I am so tired of politicians who constantly ride the fence, who are more concerned with getting reelected instead of doing what’s right for the people of their district. They need to make the hard decisions on votes and either be a voice for the people they represent or just get out of the way,” Dickerson says.

Once again, Dickerson is stepping up to do his part in the community and is ALL IN to do what he believes is right. Whether he serves two years, 10 years, or anywhere in between, you can be assured of one thing — he blazed his own trail 30 years ago in the trucking industry, and now he’s about to blaze his own trail in politics.


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