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Avoid a Furnace on the “Fritts” This Fall

By Anna Teal


As Georgians, we all know that the scorching August heat can be brutal. But, as summertime comes to an end and the blissful breezes of fall start to make their way into our atmosphere, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about preparing your HVAC unit for winter. In fact, doing so can avoid unpleasant surprises that can often wreck your budget and the coveted comforting vibes in your home. Unfortunately, it’s something that the Fritts Heating & Air team sees all too often.


Why Invest in Furnace Maintenance Services?

It is common to only think about HVAC system and maintenance needs in the springtime, as most people do not like to be hot and sweaty by the time summer rolls around. However, prepping a furnace for the winter is just as important as preparing the A/C unit for those hot summer months. Here are a few reasons why:


To Decrease Risk
Most furnaces go unused for about six months or so. Immediately jumpstarting the furnace without a tune-up or inspection increases the risk of something going wrong.


For Damage/Repair Cost Savings
Being proactive by scheduling a furnace inspection can result in significant savings compared to being reactive after damage occurs.


For Increased Efficiency
Conducting a yearly furnace check-up can increase its efficiency by up to 25%.


For Utility Bill Savings
Over time, a furnace will have a certain amount of buildup and wear-and-tear if not serviced. The more buildup, the harder it is for a furnace to function, which results in increased utility bills.


For Safety and Comfort
Now more than ever, our home is our haven. The last thing anyone wants is to be uncomfortable or to sacrifice the safety of his/her loved ones to a furnace on the “Fritts.”


How Fritts Heating & Air Can Help

Speaking of Fritts, the Fritts family not only takes care of furnace maintenance needs for their customers, but also serves as a trusted source for all things HVAC in their community year-round. Specialties include heating repair for standard and high-efficiency furnaces, heat pump repair, air handlers, and air conditioner repair. Fritts’ team can also help install smart thermostats and offer various solutions to improve air quality, including Aprilaire electronic air purifiers, as well as whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers. Fritts Heating & Air services the residential and commercial communities of Ball Ground, Canton, Holly Springs, Waleska, and Woodstock.


A Family-Owned Business

With more than 20 years of experience, it’s fair to say that Fritts Heating & Air is a family affair. With Sara Fritts and her husband Sid at the helm, and their daughter Haley assisting on the customer service front, the HVAC genes run deep — and the family connection vibe doesn’t end there. It extends to how the staff treats customers, which is apparent from the company’s glowing Google reviews (be sure to check them out!).

So, what makes Fritts Heating & Air stand out from other HVAC companies? The staff is experienced and trustworthy, and the services are cost-efficient.

“Our business is smaller than most, which makes it more intimate,” says Sara. “Our customers love that about us, and it’s what keeps them coming back.”

Also, the Fritts family’s dedication to customer service is well stated in their motto, “Use it until it dies.”

“To keep our customers’ best interests at the forefront of our motto, we try our best to fix whatever is wrong with an HVAC unit before we recommend replacing it,” says Sara.

That is good news for those who have dealt with larger companies that simply want to upsell a new unit. Needless to say, many loyal residential customers know and trust Fritts Heating & Air with the comfort and efficiency of their home year-round.


To learn how to stay comfortable and cozy at home with Fritts Heating & Air, visit the company’s website to read about the vast array of services offered. For those wishing to schedule an appointment, please give Fritts Heating & Air a call.


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