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If you ever wander the halls of the Fulton County Courthouse and hear the click-clack of six-inch heels, you are likely in the presence of the formidable Elizabeth Lizz Kuhn.

Known for her love of fashionable shoes, fierce defense of clients and success rate in the courtroom, Kuhn is the type of attorney who is not afraid to go to court. Partner attorney and husband, Alexander Hait, and the rest of the team at North Metro Litigators are all fierce in courtrooms across Fulton, Gwinnett, Forsyth, Cobb and Cherokee Counties.

Truth be told, few of us ever want to see an attorney, let alone go to court, until the unthinkable happens your spouse asks for a divorce, a car accident causes life-altering injuries, or a job loss leads to financial devastation. When its time to call an attorney, you need an experienced litigator you can trust.

A lot of lawyers will file a case then sit around and have roundtable discussions. They mediate; the mediation is not successful, and theres no movement in a case for five or six months, and then they mediate some more, said Kuhn. We dont do that. Every case is immediately set for a hearing. We force the case to move. We take the case to mediation. If mediation fails, we have a game plan to proceed in court.

By scheduling court dates in advance, Hait and Kuhn achieve quick results for clients. Often, an upcoming court hearing leads the opposing party to be more reasonable in negotiations.

With offices in Alpharetta and Woodstock, North Metro Litigators has served thousands of clients since 2000. Hait and Kuhn are Milton residents, and the firm also includes two associate lawyers, five paralegals, four legal assistants, and two canines who provide moral support when needed. Someone is always available!
Divorce, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury

From the front desk to the attorneys, the staff works as a team. Every staff member is involved in every case. The firm provides regular updates on cases, so clients are never left in the dark. Free consultations enable clients to meet the legal team before hiring the firm.

When legal services are needed for family issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, visitation and domestic violence, Hait and Kuhn handle each case with care, understanding that every situation is unique.

In the case of a divorce, we take the approach that your life is falling apart. We try to stop the crumbling and carefully put it back together. It doesnt need to be World War III, said Kuhn.

Bad luck or bad decisions sometimes lead to bankruptcy. Whatever the cause of the bankruptcy, North Metro Litigators compassionately guides the client through the process. Before making any financial decisions, such as liquidating retirement plans, Hait suggests consulting with an attorney about filing bankruptcy.

After we meet with clients, we determine whether Chapter 7 or 13 is best for them, said Hait. We give them options. We tell them that they can do things with their life, and theyre not stuck. Thats the key. There are ways to make their life better.

Sometimes, a bankruptcy follows a divorce, especially if one spouse is ordered to pay credit cards, attorney fees and mortgages.

There are ways to unwind an unfavorable divorce in a bankruptcy, said Kuhn. For example, if a parent cant come up with money for child support, they could be incarcerated. Filing bankruptcy keeps them out of jail and gives them breathing room, so they can make payments through a scheduled repayment plan.
For personal injury cases (such as car wrecks and wrongful death), Hait and Kuhn are sympathetic listeners.

We help people get the medical treatment they need, said Hait. We tell clients the #1 thing they need to worry about is getting better.

Unlike other attorneys, their fees to represent clients in personal injury lawsuits never exceed the clients final net amount.

Most personal injury lawyers want to settle cases as quickly as possible and move on to the next. We litigate cases. We squeeze the lemon for those extra thousand dollars from the insurance company, said Kuhn. I took a medical malpractice case that six lawyers turned down, and the insurance company offered $45,000. We settled it for $1.125 million.

Making Happy Endings Possible

Hait and Kuhn empathize with clients because they have experienced many of the same troubles their clients are going through, including divorce, car accidents and domestic violence. They are committed to helping people make it through the worst times of their lives.

We know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, said Kuhn. And we help our clients get there.

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